Blog entries june 2013 [3]

What's new in CubicWeb 3.17

2013/06/21 by Aurelien Campeas

What's new in CubicWeb 3.17?

New functionalities

  • add a command to compare db schema and file system schema (see #464991)
  • Add CubicWebRequestBase.content with the content of the HTTP request (see #2742453)
  • Add directive bookmark to ReST rendering (see #2545595)
  • Allow user defined final type (see #124342)

API changes

  • drop typed_eid() in favour of int() (see #2742462)
  • The SIOC views and adapters have been removed from CubicWeb and moved to the sioc cube.
  • The web page embedding views and adapters have been removed from CubicWeb and moved to the embed cube.
  • The email sending views and controllers have been removed from CubicWeb and moved to the massmailing cube.
  • RenderAndSendNotificationView is deprecated in favor of ActualNotificationOp the new operation uses the more efficient data idiom.
  • Looping task can now have an interval <= 0. Negative interval disable the looping task entirely.
  • We now serve html instead of xhtml. (see #2065651)


  • ldapuser has been deprecated. It will be removed in a future version. If you are still using ldapuser switch to ldapfeed NOW!
  • hijack_user has been deprecated. It will be dropped soon.

Deprecated Code Drops

  • The progress views and adapters have been removed from CubicWeb. These classes were deprecated since 3.14.0. They are still available in the iprogress cube.
  • The part of the API deprecated since 3.7 was dropped.

We're going to PGDay France, the Postgresql Community conference

2013/06/11 by Arthur Lutz

A few people of the CubicWeb team are going to attend the French PostgreSQL community conference in Nantes (France) on the 13th of june.

We're excited to learn more about the following topics that are relevant to CubicWeb's development and features :

Obviously we'll pay attention to all the talks during the day. If you're attending, we hope to see you there.

OpenData meets the Semantic Web at WOD2013

2013/06/10 by Arthur Lutz

With a few people from Logilab we went to the 2nd International Workshop on Open Data (WOD), on the 3rd of june.

Although the main focus was an academic take on OpenData, a lot of talks were related to the Semantic Web technologies and especially LinkedData.

The full program (and papers) is on the following website. Here is a quick review of the things we though worth sharing.

  • privacy oriented ontologies :
  • interesting automations done to suggest alignments when initial data is uploaded to an opendata website
  • some opendata platforms have built-in APIs to get files, one example is Socrata :
  • some work is being done to scale processing of linked data in the cloud (did you know you could access ready available datasets in the Amazon cloud ? DBPedia for example )
  • the data stored in wikipedia can be a good source of vocabulary on certain machine learning tasks (and in the future, wikidata project)
  • there is an RDF extension to Google Refine (or OpenRefine), but we haven't managed to get it working out of the box,
  • WebSmatch uses morphological operators (erosion / dilation) to identify grids and zones in Excel Spreadsheets and then aligns column data on known reference values (e.g. country lists).

We naturally enjoyed the presentation made by Romain Wenz about with the unavoidable mention of Victor Hugo (and CubicWeb).

Thanks to the organizers of the conference and to the National French Library for hosting the event.