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CubicWeb roadmap meeting on November 6th, 20142
CubicWeb roadmap meeting on September 4th, 20142
CubicWeb roadmap meeting on July 3rd, 20142
#3729331 bootstrap layout is broken under IE 8.X1
December 2012 CubicWeb Sprint Report1
What's new in CubicWeb 3.151
Running CubicWeb on Windows1
#3592255 Breadcrumbs has two separators1
Comparing CubicWeb with Drupal plus CCK extension1
Bootstrap Magic theme editor (http://pikock.github.io/bootstrap-magic/app/index.html#!/editor)1
What's new in cubicweb 3.31
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Day 41
"Data Fast-food": quick interactive exploratory processing and visualization of complex datasets with CubicWeb1
CubicWeb using Postgresql at its best1
What's new in CubicWeb 3.161
CubicWeb sprint in Paris - 2012/02/07-101
CubicWeb 3.6 sprint report1
Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb on March 7th, 20141
What's new in CubicWeb 3.181
Graphing version progress1
icon for application/pdf5minTalk on jquery (french) (jquery.pdf)1
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Day 21
Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb on November 8th, 20131
Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb as of February 20131
#1558870 [js] update to jquery 1.61
CubicWeb 3.7 released1
Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb on January 9th, 20141
Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb on September 6th, 20131
#522897 try to improve user input in forms using masks1
#1365008 change default colour to blue1
CubicWeb sprint in Paris / Need for Speed1
Select2 (http://ivaynberg.github.io/select2/)1
Kendo UI - The Art of Web Development (http://www.kendoui.com/)1
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Day 11
Logilab's roadmap for CubicWeb on May 15th, 20141
Summer CubicWeb/Narval Sprint - Final report1
What's new in CubicWeb 3.191
CubicWeb 3.9 released1
CubicWeb sprint / winter 20141