test case for startupview broken bookmark link

How to reproduce this issue.

The situation occurs at the moment to add a bookmark for a StartupView (at least).

The way of calling the view might be the cause of the issue.

In this sample the StartupView name is "mycalendarevents-view"

If the view is called like http://localhost:8080/?vid=mycalendarevents-view, the view displays fine, at moment to add the bookmark we are asked to fill "name" and "path" which both are empty fields in this case, ("params" field is filled automatically ok), you can write down the "name" of the bookmark but leave "path" empty, even that this is a required field, I did not fill the value in "path" since I did not know what to put at that time .

At the time to use the saved bookmark we get the word "None" in the url, making a broken link. e.i. http://localhost:8080/None?vid=mycalendarevents-view&vtitle=Calendario

If the view is called like http://localhost:8080/view?vid=mycalendarevents-view bookmark link is correct.