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Project environment (40)COUNT(executions)MIN(executions)MAX(executions)
cubicweb-seda test env7062016/03/25 11:26 UTC2018/02/20 15:53 UTC
cubicweb-saem_ref test env6002016/02/01 13:58 UTC2018/03/15 10:46 UTC
cubicweb env5932016/02/01 14:13 UTC2018/06/18 08:07 UTC
datacat test env3482016/03/18 17:06 UTC2018/02/02 09:50 UTC
cubicweb-skos test environment1272016/02/01 17:14 UTC2018/02/20 15:28 UTC
cubicweb-eac test env962016/09/16 09:46 UTC2018/02/02 09:46 UTC
cubicweb-oaipmh testenv862016/03/18 17:27 UTC2018/04/11 08:11 UTC
cubicweb-celerytask testenv822016/08/19 15:13 UTC2018/03/06 11:28 UTC
sherpa test env492017/02/21 16:56 UTC2017/10/19 12:55 UTC
elastic search testenv392016/11/10 14:12 UTC2017/06/21 07:10 UTC
cubicweb-compound test env302017/02/28 10:24 UTC2017/12/19 12:38 UTC
cwclientlib test env282016/09/09 07:48 UTC2017/06/15 07:43 UTC
celery env272016/04/12 08:43 UTC2017/05/30 08:27 UTC
vcsfile env202017/02/28 12:55 UTC2017/09/11 08:53 UTC
cubicweb-dataprocessing test env202016/02/01 13:37 UTC2017/02/28 10:55 UTC
cubicweb-bootstrap env192017/03/03 14:16 UTC2019/12/12 09:51 UTC
cubicweb-postgis-testenv172017/02/02 13:03 UTC2018/02/02 09:46 UTC
signedrequest test env162016/10/26 08:59 UTC2018/02/12 09:59 UTC
cubicweb-jsonb test env152016/11/03 13:50 UTC2017/01/05 16:57 UTC
cubicweb-jsonschema test env152017/02/07 09:29 UTC2018/03/09 08:18 UTC
tracker env142016/10/06 09:17 UTC2016/12/23 09:45 UTC
cubicweb-processing test env132017/09/12 15:42 UTC2017/12/22 11:37 UTC
cubicweb-mediaplayer env122016/02/10 08:26 UTC2018/03/23 13:05 UTC
file env122017/09/13 07:36 UTC2018/05/25 15:55 UTC
registration env112017/01/13 13:56 UTC2017/03/06 21:56 UTC
cubicweb-collaboration test env112017/09/14 10:07 UTC2017/10/17 08:40 UTC
container env112017/09/13 12:14 UTC2017/11/15 15:28 UTC
cw-celerytask-helpers test env112016/09/28 14:02 UTC2017/09/19 08:10 UTC
folder env102017/09/13 12:49 UTC2018/05/25 15:35 UTC
keyword env92017/09/26 14:17 UTC2017/09/27 09:08 UTC
varnish env92017/03/09 09:49 UTC2017/09/27 12:25 UTC
pyramid-cubicweb test env92016/03/18 16:47 UTC2017/01/03 09:08 UTC
sentry test env92016/02/11 17:25 UTC2018/03/23 13:48 UTC
card env82017/09/26 13:18 UTC2017/09/27 10:54 UTC
cubicweb-prov test env82017/01/27 10:40 UTC2018/02/02 07:57 UTC
leaflet env72017/09/27 12:45 UTC2018/06/13 16:19 UTC
cubicweb-relationwidget env72016/02/10 09:31 UTC2017/09/14 14:56 UTC
cubicweb-wireit test env72017/10/09 15:22 UTC2017/10/17 12:23 UTC
fastimport env62016/09/08 13:55 UTC2016/12/06 09:59 UTC
comment env62016/12/22 22:43 UTC2016/12/22 23:20 UTC
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Versions en cours de développement

Les versions en cours de développement doivent être affectées à un développeur et avoir une date de livraison prévue.

Project (11)has versionsstarting dateprevision dateowned byUser
cubicweb3.28.0ddouard, adimascio, dlaxalde
cubicweb3.26.xddouard, adimascio, dlaxalde

Patches en cours de fossilisation

Ces patches sont dans l'état relu ou en attente de revue depuis longtemps (détail0):

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User (40)Projecthas createdStatecreation dateUser
dgaraudcubicweb-inventoryAdd a dependency to the cube 'Booking'.reviewed2013/05/24 07:30 UTCfcayre
acampeascwtagsAutomatic escaping (closes #620533)reviewed2013/06/25 13:33 UTCdlaxalde
rcardonacubicweb-array[RFC] Add proper support for SQLitereviewed2013/09/23 09:16 UTCjroy
acampeascubicweb-resourcepickerskeletonreviewed2013/11/05 12:55 UTCjcristau
cdeviennecubicweb-seo[robotstxt] Tie a rule to a user_agent.pending-review2013/12/13 18:03 UTCksaurfelt
cdeviennecubicweb-seoDeprecate the 'stanza' based names to 'lines' based namesreviewed2013/12/16 09:16 UTCadimascio
ksaurfeltcubicweb-treeview[css] add a rule for bootstrap compatibilityreviewed2014/05/15 09:21 UTCaleufroy
vmichelcubicweb-frbr[schema] Drop indexed on titlepending-review2014/06/17 13:17 UTCksaurfelt
vmichelcubicweb-dataio[views] Create a views folderreviewed2014/06/20 08:35 UTCrcardona
vmichelcubicweb-frbr[schema] Make nationality inlinedreviewed2014/07/10 15:09 UTCddouard
acampeascubicweb-collaboration[tests] missing commitreviewed2014/10/17 16:05 UTCjcristau
acampeascubicweb-collaborationAdapt to the container 2.7 APIreviewed2014/10/20 17:17 UTCcelsoflores
jcristaucubicweb[web/test] don't delete uicache directoryreviewed2014/10/29 16:39 UTCalutz
dlaxaldecubicweb-comment[hooks] Update modification_date of root entity when commentedreviewed2015/01/26 14:17 UTCsthenault
sthenaultcubicweb-dataio[dataimport] move some functions to a PGHelper classreviewed2015/02/12 17:17 UTCjroy
sthenaultcubicweb-dataio[interfaces] support for loading an URLreviewed2015/03/30 13:34 UTCjcristau
dlaxaldecubicweb-vcreviewAdd a "decline review" transitionreviewed2015/06/09 12:08 UTCalutz
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formulaupdate READMEreviewed2015/06/23 12:11 UTCstregouet
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[debian] make optional cw_basecubes installation (closes #5437903)reviewed2015/06/23 12:11 UTCstregouet
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[instances] add all-in-one optionsreviewed2015/06/23 12:15 UTCstregouet
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[postgres] the postgresql version is now configurable in pillarreviewed2015/07/08 13:03 UTCalutz
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[debian] allow the configuration of debian pkg repos in pillars (closes #5434795)reviewed2015/07/23 07:54 UTCstregouet
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[postgres] add `lc_collate` and `lc_ctype` (closes #5438104)reviewed2015/07/23 07:59 UTCstregouet
ddouardsalt-cubicweb-formula[logilab] update logilab keyringreviewed2015/07/23 08:17 UTCalutz
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[logilab/signing] always deploy signing keyreviewed2015/07/24 09:19 UTCddouard
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb] make pillar optionnalreviewed2015/07/30 19:15 UTCjcristau
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb/instances] add watch to reload cubicweb when all-in-one is changedreviewed2015/07/30 19:15 UTCjcristau
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb/postgresql] bug fixes in context and pg_hba generationreviewed2015/07/30 19:16 UTCjcristau
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb/instance] add logic to extra_sources for single repo logicreviewed2015/08/04 09:11 UTCjroy
jcristaucubicweb-shoppingcart[views] replace JSonController monkeypatching with an ajaxfuncpending-review2015/08/05 14:12 UTCksaurfelt
jcristaucubicweb-forgotpwd[hooks] use cubicweb.predicates instead of cubicweb.selectorsreviewed2015/08/07 09:42 UTCsthenault
jcristaucubicweb-forgotpwd[test] silence lgdb warning about passing str instead of unicodereviewed2015/08/17 08:19 UTCdlaxalde
yvotecubicweb-datacatAdd uData JSON decode functionreviewed2015/09/07 06:39 UTClmedioni
yvotecubicweb-datacatFetch ext entities from uData REST APIreviewed2015/09/07 06:40 UTClmedioni
yvotecubicweb-datacatCompute DCAT URL for Distribution ext entities coming from uDatareviewed2015/09/07 06:40 UTClmedioni
acampeascubicweb-securityprofilemake it cw 3.19 compliantpending-review2015/09/07 15:40 UTCacampeas
ddouardsalt-cubicweb-formula[_states/postergres_cluster] first attempt to have a working state modulereviewed2015/09/08 19:52 UTCcelsoflores
yvotecubicweb-datacat[views] Add a Leaflet widget to be used in a facetreviewed2015/09/14 11:56 UTCarichardson
yvotecubicweb-datacatImport RDF DCAT data with respect to last successreviewed2015/10/06 15:26 UTCalutz
dlaxaldecubicweb-datacat[dataimport] Change harvest_rdf_dcat function to only perform ExtEntity processingreviewed2015/10/07 07:57 UTCyvote
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Ces patches sont dans l'état en cours ou "outdated" depuis longtemps (détail1):

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User (40)Projecthas createdStatecreation date
acampeascubicweb-inlineditAPI cleanup (closes #2728920)in-progress2013/03/08 13:32 UTC
acampeascubicweb-inlinedit[merge] backport stable into defaultin-progress2013/04/03 13:15 UTC
vpopescucubicweb-tracker[version_sort_value stored procedure] New implementation of semantic versioning (closes #2793859).in-progress2013/10/04 07:20 UTC
ddouardcubicweb-comment[schema] fix schemain-progress2013/10/17 09:12 UTC
cdeviennecubicweb-seo[robotstxt] Make a separate view for sitemap-enabled robots.txtin-progress2014/01/07 15:26 UTC
ksaurfeltcubicweb-brainomics[facets] use `SimpleFacetRangeRQLPathFacet` for MeasureAgeFacetin-progress2014/01/22 08:51 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-dataio[wip] External resources enrichment/alignerin-progress2014/06/05 16:11 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-brainomicswip add a cart selectionin-progress2014/06/24 16:05 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-dataio[ccplugin] Add an option for spliting importin-progress2014/06/27 08:10 UTC
ddouardcubicweb[storage] store relative paths instead of absolute ones (closes #1903304)in-progress2014/08/29 10:00 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-brainomics[domain] WIP add facets of domainsin-progress2014/09/03 14:45 UTC
nchauvatcubicweb-bookuse cubicweb-similarity to display side-box with related booksin-progress2014/11/24 20:55 UTC
nchauvatcubicweb-bookparse OL rdf using rdflib instead of lxmlin-progress2014/11/24 20:55 UTC
jcristaucubicweb-vcsfileOnly look for visible changesetsin-progress2015/01/27 13:49 UTC
ddouardcubicweb[views] Add a /stats view that returns a json representation of the instance's statsin-progress2015/02/11 12:11 UTC
ddouardcubicweb-vcsfile[views] add a RevisionListItemViewin-progress2015/05/15 09:54 UTC
ddouardcubicweb[datafeed] catch any kind of exception in DataFeedXMLParser.processin-progress2015/06/19 12:01 UTC
ddouardsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb/postgres] several refactorings of the cubicweb.postgres statein-progress2015/07/22 13:54 UTC
ddouardsalt-cubicweb-formula[docker] add a Dockerfilein-progress2015/07/22 13:58 UTC
ddouardsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb] use decent default values for several pillar parametersin-progress2015/07/22 14:10 UTC
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubciweb] activate cubicweb db-create instruction in pillarin-progress2015/07/23 07:56 UTC
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formulainitialize localesin-progress2015/07/23 08:00 UTC
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[postgres] add an option in pillar to make the postgres user a superuser (closes #5438073)in-progress2015/07/23 08:01 UTC
ksaurfeltsalt-cubicweb-formula[postgres] Manage pg_hba.conf file for conf (closes #437936)in-progress2015/07/30 19:11 UTC
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[_modules/cubicweb] duplicate start function fix. Add force reload by removing pid if process is not runningin-progress2015/07/30 19:13 UTC
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb/postgresql] add custom pg_hba line in pillar & get postgresql to listen on the network optionnalyin-progress2015/07/30 19:20 UTC
alutzsalt-cubicweb-formula[cubicweb/postgresql] fix creating cluster with correct encoding and correct initialisation when installing postgresql-9.4in-progress2015/07/30 19:40 UTC
vmichelcubicweb-dataiowipin-progress2015/07/30 20:11 UTC
yvotecubicweb-datacatFlake8 and copyright year fixesoutdated2015/08/25 13:27 UTC
yvotecubicweb-datacatAdd function to merge GeoJSON objects in a feature collectionoutdated2015/08/28 10:13 UTC
yvotecubicweb-datacatRegister some more Postgis functionsoutdated2015/08/28 10:13 UTC
rcardonacubicweb-vcsfile[sobjects] Generate diff using 'hg diff' instead of 'export'in-progress2015/09/02 06:40 UTC
ocayrolcubicwebDo not ignore Byte attributes when writing and reading XMLin-progress2015/09/04 13:07 UTC
ddouardcubicweb-vcsfile[cc] add logging level options and make it possible to refresh only on repoin-progress2015/11/19 08:19 UTC
acampeascubicweb[web/test] remove useless importin-progress2015/12/01 16:00 UTC
acampeascubicweb[server/migractions] simplify the Migration Handler entry pointin-progress2016/03/16 13:40 UTC
fcayrecubicweb[predicates] Add a predicate to be used with form-related uicfg objects to select them in the context of form or subforms editing a particular 14:24 UTC
ksaurfeltcubicweb-relationwidget[creation form] display the button group on the right of the formin-progress2016/07/08 07:36 UTC
ddouardcubicweb[debian] add a lintian override for source-is-missing about jquery.flot.jsin-progress2016/07/19 07:30 UTC
lmedionicubicwebWIP [entities] consider write security when checking if a transition can be firedin-progress2016/08/29 12:22 UTC
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