CubicWeb/Narval Sprint is going on !

The third day of our sprint focused on the following points:

  • Pierre-Yves worked to prevent duplicate test executions (eg running several time the same test with the same version configuration),
  • Celso has terminated the spanish translation of CubicWeb. He's now working on various cubes translation,
  • Stéphanie and Alain spent some time on the narval bot view. They also modified ProjectEnvironement's attributes in order to use similar information available on the vcsfile repository, hence simplifying the configuration (more to do on this!),
  • Julien worked on the debian package recipe,
  • Katia and Aurélien worked on recipe security (using CWPermission),
  • Alexandre and Charles produced a first template of a full test recipe using pyunit and pycoverage,
  • Finally, our captain, Sylvain, is at the helm !

We'll hopefuly be able to present a functionnal demo at the end of the week.

Narval/Cubicweb left off !

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