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Primary target

RDF content negotiation + refactoring of the database connexion pooler

Next: improved rql pipeline ? make it easier to deploy in k8s ? introduce types ? JWT plutôt que AuthToken ?

Next meeting

Next CubicWeb Synchronization Meeting on Tuesday December 17th 2019.

Continuous delivery

Every night, a new docker image is generated from the public head of the repository by a jenkins job named docker-cubicweb. The resulting docker image is put into the public docker registry at

Debian repositories:

deb buster main  # all cubicweb & cubes
deb buster cubicweb-3.26  # latest cubicweb 3.26 & cubes

Continuous integration

 is the status for the draft head on branch default of the review repository

Pending validation

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Done / Merged

Ticket (12)prioritydone increation dateInterval
#16073071 upgrade ldap source to ldap3 > 2important3.28.02016/11/03 13:36 UTC4 years
#17218476 store selected variables for rql queries in rsetnormal3.28.02019/07/31 13:27 UTC2 years
#17260380 document the new debug channel mechanismnormal3.28.02019/12/10 13:06 UTC22 months
#17262372 improve connection poolimportant3.28.02019/12/20 11:53 UTC22 months
#17277267 Postgresql12 problem with plpythonimportant3.28.02020/03/16 08:28 UTC19 months
#17207330 mettre à jour le packaging Debian (python2 et python 3)important3.26.x2019/05/28 14:34 UTC2 years
#17207462 update skeleton debian packaging (py2 and py3)normal3.26.x2019/05/29 09:31 UTC2 years
#17236690 Custom unique indexes doesn't work due to weird cubicweb behavior on deleting entities having inlined relationsnormal3.26.x2019/09/10 10:43 UTC2 years
#17243538 Document mercurial configuration for contributorsnormal3.26.x2019/10/15 13:33 UTC2 years
#17250975 merge ldutilsimportant 2019/10/18 21:45 UTC2 years
#17256169 improve RQL error messagesimportant 2019/11/15 19:29 UTC23 months
#17260732 is documentation built broken?important 2019/12/12 06:27 UTC22 months


Ticket (1)prioritydone inassigned tocreation dateInterval
#17260453 introduce typesimportant3.28.0bram2019/12/10 19:18 UTC22 months


Ticket (3)prioritydone inassigned tocreation dateInterval
#17219759 allow to run migration of a CW database that pre-date 3.24normal3.28.0bram2019/08/06 16:16 UTC2 years
#17262151 fix qunit tests in devtoolsimportant3.28.0 2019/12/19 11:42 UTC22 months
#17262352 tests passent pas si ordre aléatoireimportant3.26.x 2019/12/20 10:27 UTC22 months

Waiting for feedback

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Ticket (18)prioritycreation dateIntervaltagged byCOUNT(tagged by)
#17254139 Allow to run delete_cube() without needing the cube code / have a link between schema and cube in databaseimportant2019/11/05 16:42 UTC23 monthsvote-lpeuch, vote_famarger2
#17257997 pb d'intégration continueimportant2019/11/26 13:09 UTC23 monthsvote_nchauvat1
#17254006 Better handling of upgrades scriptsimportant2019/11/05 09:05 UTC23 monthsvote_lpeuch1
#17289677 data validation from the yams schemaimportant2020/04/09 13:13 UTC18 monthsvote_nchauvat1
#17254604 new rql pipeline with cache-able security and improved perfimportant2019/11/05 23:02 UTC23 monthsvote_nchauvat1
#17256809 improve the model/data migration mechanismimportant2019/11/19 13:26 UTC23 months0
#17265731 run with tipimportant2020/01/09 18:01 UTC21 months0
#17266453 RemoteCallFailed / ajax bugimportant2020/01/14 13:31 UTC21 months0
#17268416 replace cubicweb/web/http_headers.pyimportant2020/01/24 18:14 UTC21 months0
#17268423 explore mapping cubicweb routes to pyramid routesimportant2020/01/24 18:23 UTC21 months0
#17268460 explore refactoring URLPathEvaluators to Pyramid routesimportant2020/01/24 23:39 UTC21 months0
#17273964 use vid with cwclientlib and rqlio routeimportant2020/02/25 15:52 UTC20 months0
#17169126 Got "unhashable type list" while creating entity with inlinded relationimportant2018/09/28 10:16 UTC3 years0
#17301970 native handling of oauth for authenticationimportant2020/04/29 21:10 UTC18 months0
#17254012 Allow to set version from vcs and stop expect it from __pkginfo__important2019/11/05 09:09 UTC23 months0
#17254596 use sqlalchemy to generate SQL from RQLimportant2019/11/05 22:46 UTC23 months0
#17255666 IntegrityError not handled properlyimportant2019/11/12 15:16 UTC23 months0
#17256772 add to debug panel modified/injected RQL because of permissionsimportant2019/11/19 13:05 UTC23 months0

Process description

  • A new ticket is open.
  • The Product Owner choses the priority of tickets and can make them important. Important open tickets are listed on this page.
  • After discussion, the developers can tag an open ticket as "ready", which moves it up one section on this page.
  • When a developer starts working on a ready ticket, he changes its state to "in progress" and the ticket moves up one section on this page.
  • When a developer needs someone to review changesets, he tags the corresponding ticket with the tag "review", which will make the ticket appear in the corresponding section on this page.
  • When a changeset is made public, the corresponding ticket must be changed to state "done".