CWEP-0000 aka CWEP index

CubicWeb Evolution Proposals Index


This CWEP contains the index of all CubicWeb Enhancement Proposals, known as CWEPs. CWEP numbers are assigned by the CWEP Editor, and once assigned are never changed. The hg history of the CWEP texts represent their historical record.

How to propose a CWEP

Note:Proposal and discussions of CWEP can only be done on the CubicWeb mailing-list
  1. A new CWEP is proposed on the CubicWeb mailing-list.
  2. If accepted as base for a discussion, a CubicWeb lead developper gives the CWEP a unique number.
  3. The CWEP is added to the core CubicWeb documentation
  4. Discussions about the CWEP take place on the ML. When agreed by CW developpers, the CWEP is amended and commited in the core CW documentation.


  • CWEP-0001 - login and account creation process
  • CWEP-0002 - RQL rewriting
  • CWEP-0003 - FROM clause in RQL
  • CWEP-0004 - Massive import (API, roadmap, cubes, etc)

See for the latest version of each CWEP.

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