CubicWeb Projects - a comprehensive list of cubes

Overview of cubes available for CubicWeb. These are the building blocks for your application:

Complete functionnal applications

These cubes, if you create an instance with them give you a web application that is usable out of the box. Of course you can still use it as a base cube and extend it in by your own cube. This is fairly common to do things such as changing security model, user interface and/or add some additional cubes.

  • forge, tracker (ie projet/version/ticket) with comments and tags integrated
  • blog, a simple blogging tool
  • drh, a recruitment management application
  • fresh, a company expenses management application
  • conference management tool - cmt, to handle all procedings of a conference (schedule, tracks, talks, submissions, etc.)
  • intranet, an intranet application integrating blogs, links, comments, tags, etc.
  • inventory, a hardware inventory (with serial numbers, companies etc)

User management / authentification

Adding one of these cubes will add new user authentication/management features, usually without additional work.

  • registration, allow anonymous to register into the site
  • openidrelay, support for OpenId authentication
  • rememberme, the 'remember me' feature so users won't have to login on their next visit
  • trustedauth, let the web server (e.g. apache) do the authentication and use transmitted information

Pluggable features

Those cubes are dedicated to a feature that one may add to another entity type, usually by adding some predefined relation to the schema or by writing an entity adapter that will trigger exposition of the feature in the user interface.

  • comment, a commenting system
  • tag, describe entity by handling a set of tag (include tags management feature such as merging)
  • iprogress, display things whose progression may be mesured (todo, done) by writing an adapter
  • timeline, display elements on a timeline
  • pdfexport, export as PDF
  • sitemaps, generate sitemaps for search engines
  • preview

Other features

These cubes provide one or more features on their own.

  • vcsfile, import content from mercurial or svn repositories as entities, allowing to query them using RQL (though file content is kept into the source control rempository)
  • worker, asynchronous workers for your cubicweb application
  • awstats, import awstats churned statistics
  • varnish, establish rules to invalidate cached version in a varnish cache
  • mercurial-server, communicate with a mercurial-server

Data model snippets

These cubes hold a small piece of schema, usually along with some views to display and manipulate it.

  • file, store arbitrary files, display them nicely when possible
  • addressbook, various entity types for postal address, instant messaging, etc.
  • folder, file-system like forlders
  • card, for reference documentation, including ReST based simple wiki like feature
  • email, store email content as cubicweb entities
  • timeseries, (non) periodic timeseries entity types
  • event, simple event entity type
  • person, simple person entity type
  • task, simple task entity type
  • zone, simple geographical zone entity type
  • expense, simple expense entity type
  • i18ncontent, add metadata to handle multi-language content

Extensions / Glue

Those cubes provides extension to another cube or glue several cubes together.

  • testcard, extend tracker to link "test cards" to project and/or ticket, explaining test that have to be manually done when a version is released
  • vcreview, add review system to vcsfile, based on mercurial mq extension
  • trackervcs, glue together tracker and vcsfile so project are linked to their repository. Also glue vcreview if used by the instance.

Theme cubes

  • orbuit
  • portlets

Visualisation cubes

  • jqplot
  • raphael
  • wireit

Third party web-site cubes

  • open library
  • payment link to CMCICPAY
  • dbpedia
  • elections
  • cubipedia

XXX to sort * mobile * aggregator * inlinedit * processing * datamining

XXX obsolete/future cubes section


Cubes we would like to do but haven't found the time to do (yet!).

  • integration with piwik
  • akismet integration
  • SEO optimisation cube