cubicweb-tracker #344682 publication_date is not updated on publish [resolved]

My RSS feed to watch new published projects on and is not showing the new published stuff. The RQL that doesn't work anymore is

Any X,D ORDERBY D DESC LIMIT 30 WHERE X is Version, X publication_date D, NOT X publication_date NULL, X in_state S, S name "published"

The workaround is to use the date of the transition but that beats the purpose of the publication_date attribute on a Version

Any X,D ORDERBY D DESC LIMIT 40 WHERE X is Version, WF wf_info_for X, WF to_state TS, WF creation_date D, TS name "published"

For example on cubicweb-folder 1.4.2 does not appear on the first RQL query.

done in1.2.0
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