Link DOM Enlightenment

This book is not an exhaustive reference on DOM scripting or JavaScript. It may, however, be the most exhaustive book written about DOM scripting without the use of a library/framework. The lack of authorship around this topic is not without good reason. Most technical authors are not willing to wrangle this topic because of the differences that exist among legacy browsers and their implementations of the DOM specifications (or lack thereof).

For the purpose of this book (i.e. grokking the concepts), I'm going to sidestep the browser API mess and dying browser discrepancies in an effort to expose the modern DOM. That's right, I'm going to sidestep the ugliness in an effort to focus on the here and now. After all, we have solutions like jQuery to deal with all that browser ugliness, and you should definitely be leveraging something like jQuery when dealing with deprecated browsers.

While I am not promoting the idea of only going native when it comes to DOM scripting, I did write this book in part so that developers may realize that DOM libraries are not always required when scripting the DOM. I also wrote for the lucky few who get to write JavaScript code for a single environment (i.e. one browser, mobile browsers, or HTML+CSS+JavaScript-to-native via something like PhoneGap). What you learn in this book may just make a DOM library unnecessary in ideal situations, say for example, some light DOM scripting for deployment on a Webkit mobile browser only.