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kill preprocessor, since there is nothing left thereDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[test] improve hooks testsDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
Big Refactoring (BR) of the test execution modelDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[test] update test_functionnalDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[apycotlib] use writer.raw instead of removed writer.versionDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[narval] the lgp_suffix option of checker is now used as isDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
narval: add piuparts checkerJulien Cristau <>ddouardstablein-progress  
[atest] ensure an error in a recipe execution (even a SyntaxError) is reportedDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[apycotlib] kill _apycotlib.repositoriesDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[checker] run the pycoverage xml generation in a subprocessDavid Douard <>adimasciodefaultreviewed  
[test] improve unittest_apycotDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[apycotlib] fix 'pyversions' compliant with virtualenvDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[hooks] fix notification message for vcsfile 2Julien Cristau <>defaultin-progress  
[apycotlib] set a 'tmpdir' CheckResultInfo if keep_dir is TrueDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[views] use unicode instead of str in views/reports.pyDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[recipes] pass the directories of recipes as argument of create_recipesDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[apycotlib] port to narval 4.2David Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[testutils] small improvementsDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[atest] improve environment variable reportingDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
Drop support for use_pkginfo_python_versionsJulien Cristau <>defaultpending-review  
[narval] lgp and pkginfo now lives in logilab-packagingDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[views] GetConfiguration work directly with a TC or a PEDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[recipes] add apycot.python.full recipeDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[test] improve unittest_entitiesDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
narval/piuparts: replace @DIST@ with the actual dist in apt repository urisJulien Cristau <>ksaurfeltstablein-progress  
[checker] make lgp checker use hglib and add the node id as apycot package suffixDavid Douard <>defaultpending-review  
[checkers] back to project_path as an attribute of ATestDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[schema] remove ProjectEnvironment.vcs_path attributeDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[apycotlib] replace the use of create_subentity controller by rqlioDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[entities] Project.recommends may not exist (it's defined in cubicweb-forge)David Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[narval] make lgp and pypi use the same tarballDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[test] compatibility with vcsfile 2David Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[test] fix StartTestTC.launch_all_tests methodDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[narval] ATest has no project_path() any moreDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[test] update test_functionalDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[recipes] update quick ans setup.distutils recipesDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[checker] try to improve the sources directories given to pycoverageDavid Douard <>dlaxaldedefaultreviewed  
[apycotlib] remove the install_environment function from narvalactionsDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[recipe] make recipe names a bit more consistantDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
[recipes] allow update_recipes() to update an existing one of the same nameDavid Douard <>defaultin-progress  
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