The blog cube provides blogging functionnalities. It creates two entity types, Blog and BlogEntry. There are related to each other by the relation BlogEntry entry_of Blog.


When a user submits a blog entry, it goes in a draft state until the blog entry is published by an application managers. The blog entry will not be visible until it reaches the published state.

When a blog entry is submitted, an email notification is automatically sent to all the users belonging to the managers group of the application.

Specific boxes provided by this cube:

  • BlogEntryArchiveBox, displays a box with the total number of blog entries submitted by month for the last twelve months.
  • BlogEntryListBox, displays a box with the latest five blog entries published in your application as well as link to subscribe to a RSS feed.
  • BlogEntrySummary, displays a box with the list of users who submitted blog entries and the total number of blog entries they submitted.

This cube also provides some web services such as:

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test environmentblog env
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