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#4532711 handle CKAN organizationsenhancementnormalopen1.000 5 years5 yearsdlaxalde   
#4502967 resources handlingenhancementnormalvalidation pending2.0000.1.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [hooks,entities] Handle resources for CKAN dataset
#4502966 basic implementationtasknormalvalidation pending1.0000.1.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  Implement CKANPublishable adapter and entity creation and update hooks
#4869936 ckapublish hooks are run twicebugnormalvalidation pending0.5000.2.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [hooks] Prevent ckanpublish hooks from being ran upon setting of CKAN identifier attributes on dataset/resource
#4869952 add UI actions to trigger synchronization of datasets and resources to the CKAN instanceenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.2.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [views] Add actions to trigger synchronization to CKAN instance on entity
#4869938 allow synchronization to be launched outside hooksenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.2.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [hooks,sobjects] Move synchronization code from hooks/operations to services
#4869939 synchronization failure should not prevent working on entity editionenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.2.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [hooks,sobjects] Do not fail in hooks because of CKAN synchronization errors
#4753964 push file data to CKAN instanceenhancementnormaldone1.000 5 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [hooks] Trigger CKAN resource creation upon addition of the link to dataset relation, [entities] Implement a specific adapter for File entity types, [entities,hooks] Add a complete support for resources