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#3765007 improve workflow states terminologyenhancementnormalopen1.000 7 years7 yearsdlaxalde   
#4354560 Collaboration tree should not be visible until there is info in itenhancementnormalopen0.200 7 years7 yearsfcayre   
#10648990 Cloned collaborative entity is in an incoherent state if created with frozen=Truebugnormalopen0.2.15 years5 yearsfcayre   
#3814452 allow overloading of permissions in container, not just overridingenhancementnormalin-progress1.0001.0.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Reset groups in permissions when extended, Handle overloading of RQLExpression for entity types and relation definitions, Add mandatory rql expression for entity types within container, Add mandatory rql expression for container etype, Handle overloading of RQLExpression for entity types and relation definitions, Issue a warning when existing permissions on etypes/rdefs are overridden by collaboration, Use CTN variable for container instead of C to avoid clashes in permissions extension
#3583049 expected reachtaskimportantvalidation pending3.0000.1.07 years7 yearsacampeas   
#3592577 itree over clone_of messes up breadcrumbsbugimportantvalidation pending0.3000.2.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  [adapters] Prevent collaborative entities from messing up breadcrumbs (closes #3592577)
#3670561 The `collaborates_on` delete permissions cannot use the `owners` virtual groupbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.07 years7 yearsvpopescu  [init, hooks] Fix default collaborates_on handling and permissions (closes #3670561)
#3670482 Too strong a selector in the `Unfreeze` actionbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.07 years7 yearsvpopescu  [views] Relax the selector on the Unfreeze action (closes #3670482).
#3670570 Collaborators can only be added, but not removedbugnormalvalidation pending0.1500.2.07 years7 yearsvpopescu  [entities] Clean up old collaborators first, before setting new ones (closes #3670570)
#3670235 Correct the assignment of the container relations permissions according to their semanticsbugnormalvalidation pending0.2500.2.07 years7 yearsvpopescu  [init] Fix custom permissions on container relations (closes #3670235)., [init] Fix custom permissions on container relations (closes #3670235).
#3670234 Do not set the site title in postcreatebugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.07 years7 yearsvpopescu  Drop site-title setting in postcreate (closes #3670234).
#3683654 Handle the owners of a collaborative entity correctlyenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.3000.2.07 years7 yearsvpopescu  [hooks] Properly handle all the owners (closes #3683654).
#3814292 only handle entity types and rdefs strictly in the container in security setupbugimportantvalidation pending2.0001.0.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Do not set permissions on entity types which instance can live outside the container, Do not set permissions on relation definitions for which the parent entity can live outside the container, Relax permissions for relations between entities not in a container, Relax permissions for entities not in their container
#3850959 Modification of a frozen entitybugimportantvalidation pending1.0.07 years7 yearsksaurfelt   
#3827683 discard custom permissions arguments from `setup_security` methodbugnormalvalidation pending0.5001.0.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Move container entity type permissions setup in setup_container_etype_security method, Drop keyword arguments from setup_security method, Drop keyword arguments from setup_security method
#3895472 SetCreatorPermissions hook is redundant with GrantOwnersPermissionsbugnormalvalidation pending0.5001.0.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Drop SetCreatorPermissions hook
#3850973 should not be able to remove a collaborator if she owns a cloneenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5001.0.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Prevent collaborators with a clone to be removed from the collaborators list
#3699994 The container configuration class should be passed to CollaborationConfiguration's initializerenhancementnormalvalidation pending1.0.07 years7 yearsvpopescu  Pass an existing ContainerConfiguration to CollaborationConfiguration
#3765006 use workflows to handle collaborative statesenhancementnormalvalidation pending3.0001.0.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Add migration for version 1.0.0, Make the collaborative entity type workflowable during schema setup, Add migration for version 0.3.0, Replace the "frozen" attribute and freeze/unfreeze mechanism by a workflow
#4383924 build_collaboration_workflow should not attempt to add the workflow if there's already onebugnormalvalidation pending0.1001.0.16 years6 yearsdlaxalde  [config] Do not build the collaboration workflow if there exists already one, [migration] Fix buggy 1.0.0 migration
#4389860 Crash when migrating final applications that do not use 'frozen'bugnormalvalidation pending0.1001.0.16 years6 yearsfcayre  [migration] Use getattr for frozen attribute in 1.0.0 migration