Data catalog implementing a (partial) DCAT model. As described in the DCAT W3C recommendation, "a data catalog conforms to DCAT if:

  • It is organized into datasets and distributions.
  • An RDF description of the catalog itself and its datasets and distributions is available.
  • The contents of all metadata fields that are held in the catalog, and that contain data about the catalog itself and its dataset and distributions, are included in this RDF description, expressed using the appropriate classes and properties from DCAT, except where no such class or property exists.
  • All classes and properties defined in DCAT are used in a way consistent with the semantics declared in this specification.
  • DCAT-compliant catalogs MAY include additional non-DCAT metadata fields and additional RDF data in the catalog's RDF description."

The recommendation also defines a DCAT profile which "is a specification for data catalogs that adds additional constraints to DCAT. A data catalog that conforms to the profile also conforms to DCAT. Additional constraints in a profile may include:

  • A minimum set of required metadata fields
  • Classes and properties for additional metadata fields not covered in DCAT
  • Controlled vocabularies or URI sets as acceptable values for properties
  • Requirements for specific access mechanisms (RDF syntaxes, protocols) to the catalog's RDF description"

This implementation is mainly focused on the European Union DCAT Application Profile. It also offers data validation and transformation processes.

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