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#5724519 Use local versions of RDFS definitionsbugimportantopen 6 years6 yearsyvote   
#5099502 "named entities" to map ontologies to dataset resources contentbugnormalopen 6 years6 yearsdlaxalde   
#5099506 relate CKAN organization to Dataset directlybugnormalopen 6 years6 yearsdlaxalde   
#5099509 proposition : scriptsbugnormalopen 6 years6 yearsdlaxalde   
#5099499 produce semantic resources for datasetbugnormalopen 6 years6 yearsdlaxalde   
#5099498 DSL library for script definitionbugminoropen 6 years6 yearsdlaxalde   
#6168614 Harvest OpenDataSoftenhancementnormalopen 6 years6 yearsyvote   
#17092141 guess MIME type of uploaded .geojson filesenhancementnormalopen0.100 4 years4 yearsdlaxalde   
#13333619 handle import of IANA media types using a sourceenhancementnormalopen0.500 5 years5 yearsdlaxalde   
#6168653 Harvest CSWenhancementnormalopen 6 years6 yearsyvote   
#6822527 add update frequency on resource feedenhancementnormalopen1.0.06 years6 yearssthenault   
#6822503 add ark on catalog, dataset and distributionenhancementnormalopen1.0.06 years6 yearssthenault   
#6822142 plug-in activitiesenhancementnormalopen1.0.06 years6 yearssthenault   
#6822278 publcation workflow on datasetenhancementnormalopen1.0.06 years6 yearssthenault à spécifier 
#6822546 flood /tmpbugnormalwaiting feedback1.0.06 years5 yearssthenault size_m 
#6821966 pouvoir attacher une source donnée à un catalogueenhancementnormalwaiting feedback1.0.06 years5 yearssthenault à spécifier 
#5573057 List of datasets should display dataset locations on a map.bugnormalin-progress 6 years6 yearsyvote  [views] Add facets to filter dataset list, [views] Override Leaflet maps so that initial zoom fits data, [views] Add view for IJSFeature adaptable entities., [views] Improve list views with a map.
#6174939 Allow to filter datasets intersecting a geometry on a mapenhancementnormalin-progress 6 years6 yearsyvote  [views] Add facets to filter dataset and location lists by intersection
#6187338 Link harvested datasets to thier catalogenhancementnormalin-progress 6 years6 yearsyvote  Link Dataset ext entities from uData to a catalog, Link Dataset ext entities from RDF DCAT to a catalog
#5511208 Harvest uData REST APIenhancementnormalin-progress 6 years6 yearsyvote  Harvest uData REST API, Compute DCAT URL for Distribution ext entities coming from uData, Fetch ext entities from uData REST API, Add uData JSON decode function, Rename DCAT RDF feed parser., Move ext entity cleaning out of fetch function., Make ExtEntity valid literal function use attr def instead of target schema., Function converting to Geometry now handles GeoJSON., Fix datetime base converter.
#5245734 remove dependency on ckanpublish cubebugnormalvalidation pending0.2.06 years6 yearsdlaxalde  Drop dependency on ckanpublish cube
#5511214 DCAT RDF data import crash if URI is not RDF.bugimportantvalidation pending0.3.06 years6 yearsyvote  Catch new exception when importing DCAT RDF data.
#5160284 Harvest a fully DCAT compliant catalogbugnormalvalidation pending0.3.06 years6 yearsyvote  Refactor tests of dataimport to make them clearer., Even more robust RDF DCAT ext entities importer., Add tools to clean and filter ext entities according to a schema., Add tools to derive object types from predicate ranges in RDF graph., Refactor dataimport tests., [yams] Extend base converters and checkers to handle datetime., More robust RDF DCAT ext entities importer., Refactor tests of RDF DCAT import to make them clearer., Catch errors while parsing incorrect URIs in RDF., Make import_log parameter mandatory in import function., Keep all dataimport code into one module., Extract rdf mapping declaration into its own function., Rename function., [schema] Invert requirements on two Dataset attributes., _ Check fetched ext entities attributes., Add test: check number of fetched ExtEntities., Add a DCAT feed parser which import a DCAT catalog., Add in schema: DataCatalog entity & relation to Dataset., Add opt props to Dataset & Distribution entities., Fix, rename & inline rel between Dataset & Distribution., Add support for some literal properties of DCAT Catalog ExtEntity., Add support for Distribution ExtEntity & literal properties., Add support for Dataset ExtEntity & its literal properties., Add function to harvest DCAT catalog., Add sample data for testing., Add Catalog entity to schema., Rename module dcat_harvester -> dataimport., Add a DCAT feed parser which import a DCAT catalog., [test] Improve test coverage., [dcat-harv] Add support for Distribution ExtEntity and literal properties., [dcat-harv] Add support for CatalogRecord ExtEntity and literal properties., [test-data] Add sample catalog records., [test-data] Fix catalog reference in each dataset graph., [dcat_harv] Add support for Dataset ExtEntity & literal properties., [dcat_harv] Rename catgraph -> graph., [test] Better handle number of found ExtEntities., [test] Improve access to data file using tc.datapath() method.
#5099515 [dcat] better use the Distribution classbugnormalvalidation pending0.3.06 years6 yearsdlaxalde  Associate resource files to distribution instead of dataset directly, [schema,hooks] Relate a ResourceFeed to a Distribution, [schema] Add a title attribute to ResourceFeed, rename uri to url attribute
#5553403 improve display of distribution entities within a datasetenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.3.06 years6 yearsdlaxalde  [views] Display Dataset's distributions in a dedicated tab
#5706257 Missing dependency on cubicweb-skosbugimportantvalidation pending0.3.16 years6 yearsyvote  Fix missing dependency on cubicweb-skos., Fix missing dependency on cubicweb-skos.
#5554493 datetime base converter doesn't handle value other than datetime or unicodebugimportantvalidation pending0.3.16 years6 yearsyvote  Fix datetime base converter., Fix datetime base converter.
#5706253 DCAT data import does not workbugimportantvalidation pending0.3.16 years6 yearsyvote  Fix data import bug., Fix data import bug.
#5682277 RDFProccessor tests are failing when running standalone.bugnormalvalidation pending0.3.16 years6 yearsyvote  [rdfprocessor/tests] Fix errors when tests are running standalone., [rdfprocessor/tests] Fix errors when tests are running standalone.
#6822224 Add themes for datasetsenhancementimportantvalidation pending0.4.06 years5 yearssthenault  [schema] Add relations to SKOS concepts and concept schemes
#5099505 implement a complete DCAT-AP modelenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.4.06 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [schema, hooks] add file_replaces_file relation and change file_distribution cardinality, [file_distribution] set file title and description with the value of the distribution., [file_distribution] set creation and modification date programmatically., [file_distribution] set download url, byte size and format automatically., [file_distribution] change cardinality from * to ?, [file_replace_file] create the relation, [file_distribution] set file title and description with the value of the distribution., [file_distribution] set creation and modification date programmatically., [file_distribution] set download url, byte size and format automatically., [view ] Improve Distribution form (file, issued and modified date), Improve link between Distribution and File.
#6822283 publish catalog using DCAT-APenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.4.06 years5 yearssthenault  Allow to export some entities to RDF
#6822234 dcat-ap complianceenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.4.06 years5 yearssthenault  [schema] Add some missing pieces for DCAT-AP
#7772859 python 2.6 compatibilitybugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.4.15 years5 yearsdlaxalde  Python 2.6 str.format compatibility
#7790248 improve UX for dataset <-> concepts relationenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.2000.4.15 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [views] Add some uicfg rules
#8357449 dataset edit form does not load when catalog is related to a large concept schemebugimportantvalidation pending1.0000.5.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [views] Move dcat_theme relation to relations section of autoform
#8303451 use a controller vocabulary to describe licence fieldsenhancementnormalvalidation pending1.0000.5.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  Add LicenseDocument entity type and use it for DataCatalog and Distribution
#7359883 use a controlled vocabulary for accrual frequency on datasetenhancementnormalvalidation pending1.0000.5.05 years5 yearsyvote  Add dct:accrualPeriodicity to RDF export, [schema] Use a relation to a Concept for dataset frequency, [migration] Import Dublin Core Collection concept schemes
#8303410 use a controller vocabulary to describe agent typeenhancementnormalvalidation pending1.0000.5.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  Replace Agent's `dcat_type` attribute by a publisher_type relation to a Concept, [migration] Import ADMS vocabularies
#8357660 add an action to export a catalog in RDFenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.5.05 years5 yearsdlaxalde  [views] Add an action to export datasets of a catalog in RDF
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