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#6352442 migration from 0.3.1 crashes upon add_cube('postgis')bugnormalopen 4 years4 yearsdlaxalde   
#5356016 Allow geographic search of datasetsenhancementnormalopen 5 years4 yearsyvote   
#6168667 Use the new CubicWeb 3.21 dataimport APIenhancementnormalopen 4 years4 yearsyvote   
#5266636 Display geographical information on the Dataset pageenhancementnormalin-progress 5 years4 yearsyvote  Harvest RDF DCAT Location entities, Add function to compute fetch URLs for RDF DCAT, Extract a function which transform ext entities, Handle situation where fetch URL is not correct, Add function to update Location entities from SpatialThing ext entities, Meta uris can now be declared on source references, [views] Make Dataset tabbed primary view Leaflet aware, [views] Add component that displays geospatial data into a Leaflet map, Add function to compute xy attribute in ext entities flow, [views] Override Dataset pview with Leaflet map of Locations, Compute lat/long attribute on ext entities., Add tools to get latitude and longitude from an RDF resource., [rdfprocessor] Add rule to derive subject type from predicate domain., Add function to make an ExtEntity Geometry attribute conforms to schema., Handle Geometry type check and conversion., Do not add triples when subject is literal in RDFProcessor., Allow to load multiple definitions in RDFProcessor., [schema] Add Location entity., [monkeypatch] Enable Postgis to store geospatial data., Turn standalone harvest functions into Harvester object., Add method to clean WKT attribute on external entity., Add method to derive subject types from predicate domains in RDF graph., | Add name to Location ext entities in DCAT RDF graph., | Check geometry attribute on fetched ext entities., | Add WKT data to Location ext entities in DCAT RDF graph., | Infer dct:Location type from dct:spatial predicate., | Harvest Location and related entities., [monkeypatch] Add Postgis when initializing repo.