The forgotpwd cube provides an easy way to generate a new password for a user, e.g. the common I forgot my password functionality.

It is unobtrusive and easy to plug in.


This cube creates a new entity type called Fpasswd. This is an internal entity: managers and users can't read/delete or modify this kind of entity.

The workflow for password recovery is defined below :

  1. ask for a new password, the user must have a valid primary email address associated to his account.

  2. An email has been sent. This email contains a generated URL associated to a user. This link is valid during a short period of time. This duration can be configured in the all-in-one.conf file:

    revocation-limit=30 # minutes
  3. If the link is valid, the user can change his password in a new form.

There is an automatic task that periodically deletes all old Fpasswd entities which are stored in the database. This task is started at the launch of the application.

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