This cube provides basic media storage, transcoding and streaming features.


This cube defines two SoundFile and VideoFile entity types. Each entity uses a data attribute to store original raw data and custom data_<fmt> (e.g. data_mp3, data_ogv attributes) to store transcoded data.

BFSS is used to store data on the filesystem. The root directory is specified by the media-dir configuration option.


Modification hooks are responsible for reenconding media files. ffmpeg is used to convert sound and video files to streamable formats.

Encoding uses Celery as an asynchronous task queue manager, see below for installation.


jplayer is used to stream media content.


See Celery for a complete documentation. Here is a quick startup using RabbitMQ as broker for Celery:

apt-get install rabbitmq-server

RabbitMQ requires a minimal setup. For instance (all permissions for user user on vhost vhost):

sudo rabbitmqctl add_user user password
sudo rabbitmqctl add_vhost vhost
sudo rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p vhost user '.*' '.*' '.*'


Create a file in the same directory as the all-in-one.conf file (namely, the application home), with following content:

BROKER_URL = 'amqp://user:password@localhost:5672/vhost'

See for more configuration options.


Use the command below to run the celery worker handler:

celery -A cubicweb_celery -i <instance_name> worker [ --beat ]
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