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#8372403 the 'add permission' action should not be displayed on non hosted hg reposbugnormalopen 5 years5 yearsddouard   
#2824811 on repository hosted_by link, automatically create a permission/write entitybugnormalopen0.200 8 years8 yearsacampeas   
#2447411 Enable multiple mercurial-server serversenhancementnormalopen 8 years8 yearsatruchet   
#3105755 Allow repository renameenhancementnormalopen1.000 7 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Implement repository move upon change of source_url attribute
#2447415 Create an entity type to represent the permissions in access.confenhancementnormalopen 8 years8 yearsatruchet   
#2710953 hgadmin repo should be hidden for all users but the ownerenhancementnormalopen 8 years8 yearsddouard   
#2447413 Change relation between a CWUser and its managed repositoriesenhancementnormalopen 8 years8 yearsatruchet   
#3098088 Add support for remote repository deletionenhancementnormalin-progress3.000 7 years6 yearsdlaxalde  Add support for remote repository deletion (Closes #3098088), Add support for remote repository deletion (Closes #3098088), Implement remote (SSH) and local repository deletion, Grant 'delete' permission along with 'write' one to repository owners, Add a test for repository deletion by non owners, Add support for remote repository deletion
#3631822 Fix dc_title of MercurialServerPermissionbugnormalin-progress0.2000.4.17 years7 yearsfcayre  [i18n] Translate MercurialServerPermission dc_title., Fix dc_title of MercurialServerPermission
#2356404 incompatibility with mercurial 2.x phases option "new-commit=secret"bugnormalvalidation pending0.2000.1.08 years8 yearsfcayre   
#2544474 Check consistency of mercurial server permissionsbugnormalvalidation pending0.0000.1.08 years8 yearsschabot   
#2539840 Improve testing of key synchronizationenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.08 years8 yearsatruchet   
#2528188 Follow links from a MercurialServerAccessKey to a MercurialServerConfigenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.2500.1.08 years8 yearsschabot   
#2515051 Generate the access.conf fileenhancementnormalvalidation pending1.0000.1.08 years8 yearsatruchet   
#2540896 Handle and test permissions in the schematasknormalvalidation pending1.0000.1.08 years8 yearsatruchet   
#2529187 Implement keys synchronizationtasknormalvalidation pending1.0000.1.08 years8 yearsschabot   
#2730280 separate access.conf from access_cw.conf, sysadmin handled keys from cw handled keysenhancementnormalvalidation pending1.0000.2.08 years8 yearsacampeas   
#2716057 have a repository creation hookenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.2.08 years8 yearsddouard   
#2544477 Validate functionnalities and UItasknormalvalidation pending1.0000.2.08 years8 yearsschabot   
#2544475 Run test on a real mercurial servertasknormalvalidation pending1.0000.2.08 years8 yearsschabot   
#2515057 Review and refactor the way we write access.conftasknormalvalidation pending2.0000.2.08 years8 yearsatruchet   
#2752072 doc: write a minimal amountbugnormalvalidation pending0.2000.2.18 years8 yearsacampeas  doc: write a minimal amount (for the experienced mercurial-server and cubicweb practitioner) (closes #2752072)
#2828366 workaround repo path handling in rulesetsbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.18 years8 yearsacampeas  [schema,tests] enforce regex constraint on Repository title (closes #2828366)
#2772906 exec_in_repo: also clone if it was created in the same transactionbugnormalvalidation pending0.2000.2.18 years8 yearsacampeas  [entities] ensure the repo is cloned before working inside (closes #2772906 )
#2800705 remove useless exceptionbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.18 years8 yearsacampeas  [entities] remove useless exception (closes #2800705)
#2824777 dont crash on user deletionbugnormalvalidation pending0.2000.2.18 years8 yearsacampeas  [hooks] on user deletion, remove everything that can (closes #2824777)
#2727232 separate cw-side state from local-admin controlled hgadmin contentenhancementnormalvalidation pending1.0000.2.18 years8 yearsacampeas   
#2801005 extract usefull utility from exec_in_hgadmin_repoenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.2000.2.18 years8 yearsacampeas  [entities] turn exec_in_hgadmin_clone into something more generic & useful (closes #2801005)
#2801969 rename hg-server-lock-max-wait into hg-server-max-triesenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.18 years8 yearsacampeas  [site_cw,entities] rename hg-server-max-lock-wait opt into hg-server-max-tries (closes #2801969)
#2781781 rename hg_key_for_user before it is too latetasknormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.18 years8 yearsacampeas  [schema] rename hg_key_for_user to public_key (closes #2781781)
#2908395 missing __main__ section in testsbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.27 years7 yearsfcayre  tests: add 'main' section
#2886282 Some messages should be translated (at least) into frenchbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.27 years7 yearsfcayre  i18n (closes #2886282)
#3001978 title attributes of Repository should be mandatorybugnormalvalidation pending0.3.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Make repository title mandatory and mention regex constraints in its description
#2996697 ssh public key should be namedenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.3.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Add a name attribute to SshPubKey (closes #2996697)
#3217001 no permission on public_key due to typobugimportantvalidation pending0.2000.4.07 years7 yearsjcristau  [schema] fix some permissions, Restrict add/delete permissions of hosted_by relation to that of Repository
#3102517 permissions on hosted_by relation should follow that of Repositorybugnormalvalidation pending1.0000.4.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  Restrict add/delete permissions of hosted_by relation to that of Repository
#3252322 avoid ssh promptsbugnormalvalidation pending0.5000.4.07 years7 yearsjcristau  [utils] tell ssh and hg to not prompt in mscui
#3252323 make sure ssh always uses the right keybugnormalvalidation pending0.5000.4.07 years7 yearsjcristau  [utils] tell ssh to obey IdentityFile from ssh_config
#3099417 repository creation hook does not handle RepoError properlybugnormalvalidation pending1.0000.4.07 years7 yearsdlaxalde  [hooks] Improve error handling on hg init (closes #3099417)
#3210433 move repository title constraint to sccp_basebugnormalvalidation pending0.2000.4.07 years7 yearsjcristau  [schema] Don't constrain Repository.title (closes #3210433)
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