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#14023103 hide 'add' submenubugnormalwaiting feedback3 years3 years   
#13812926 Delete profile doesn't workbugnormalrejected0.0000.0003 years3 years   
#14025762 weird elements orderbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ui] Fix fields order on ArchiveTransfer and Content
#13830428 Id value in differents profilesbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [code gen] Make id unique within a profile
#13830622 FileName metadata missing in BinaryDataObjectbugnormalvalidation pending0.0000.0003 years2 years  [code gen] Skip URI/filename on Attachment, reintroduce Filename on BinaryDataObject
#14157219 pb sélection des languesbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ui] No boxes for entities related to a concept or scheme from their primary view, [ui] Most of the relation widget configuration code moved as a generic implementation in the skos cube
#14157254 boites intempestivesbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ui] Don't show schema relation/entity type related to a concept scheme. Closes #14157254
#14146424 Validation error for a new Content in ArchiveUnitbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [code gen] Force cardinality of seda_custodial_history_item relation
#14787888 Agent name not visible in listsbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  Mark SEDAAnyEntity as abstract
#13750862 handle multiple "identifiant d’un transfert associé" on AUbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ui] Move related transfer references to their own tab
#13853304 Referential lists in BinaryDataObjectbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ui] Fix bug in ContainedSearchForRelatedEntitiesView.linkable_rset
#13751449 get back custodial history on contentbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [code gen] Backed out 28ed3877dd2a to reintroduce CustodialHistory
#14023046 Change description to annotationbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [i18n] user_annotation -> annotation. Closes #14023046
#14025770 pb with button renderingbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years   
#13853501 Insert "restrictionValue", "restrictionRuleIdRef" and "restrictionEndDate" in Contentbugnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [code gen] Tab for restriction* fields on content
#14022989 export RELAXNGenhancementimportantvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ui] Add an action to expose RNG export. Closes #14022989, [profile gen] First shot of a RelaxNG export, [test] Rework test so they can be actually shared with RelaxNG cases, [profile gen] Preparatory refactoring
#13008700 use a custom language rather the pref/alt label for SEDA schemesenhancementimportantvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [profile gen] Import vocabularies using a seda2 language that takes precedence during export
#13830646 Rename tabs in BinaryDataObjectenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ui] Fix some translations
#13813234 Modify ArchivalAgreement into text fieldenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [code gen] Archival Agreement should now be a string
#13853099 Rename description fieldsenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ui] Fix some translations
#13853636 Import language listenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [migration] Link languages list to description language as well
#14023069 Clearer cardinalities labelsenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [i18n] Clearer cardinalities labels. Closes #14023069
#13750725 only one title / description for content, one comment for AUenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  Set cardinality to max 1 for title, description and comment
#13751394 don't specify URI/filename on attachmentenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [code gen] Skip URI/filename on Attachment, reintroduce Filename on BinaryDataObject
#14066262 simplified profile POCenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [simplified ui] Custom itree behaviour for simplified profile, [simplified ui] Add a custom data objects tab on archive unit of a simplified profile, [simplified ui] Use custom form renderer for data object reference in a simplified profile, [simplified ui] Add custom afs rtag for edition of data object in a simplified profile, [simplified ui] Hide some archive transfer's tabs in simplified ui, [simplified ui] Introduce predicates to distinguish between simplified and full seda2 profiles, [simplified ui] Introduce an attribute on transfer to mark profile as simplified
#14157055 annotations everywhereenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ui] Backport and adapt code from SAEM to hide annotation behind the cardinality field, [code gen] Annotation (almomst) everywhere.
#14157192 prérempir les codelistversionsenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [ux] Preset some code list version
#11447493 export HTML documentation for a profileenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0003 years2 years  [html generation] Juliette's CSS. Closes #11447493, [ui] Add an action to download generated HTML documentation for a profile, [html gen] Start generating HTML documentation for profiles