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#6756935 Compatibility with cw 3.20tasknormalopen1.0000.4.04 years4 yearsksaurfelt   
#3765261 allow to rename pagesenhancementnormalopen0.5000.5.06 years6 yearsdlaxalde   
#4103578 Edit vcwiki permissions inline in its edition formenhancementnormalopen0.5000.5.05 years5 yearsfcayre   
#3765262 Fix and document :wiki: ReST directivebugnormalin-progress0.3000.2.06 years6 yearsfcayre  [doc] Improve the README file, in particular by documenting the `wiki` ReST directive, [ReST directive] Handle relative links properly in the `wiki` directive., [tests] Refactor tests.
#3733035 Use the wiki page URL in the oneline view for VCWiki and VersionContent entity typesenhancementimportantin-progress1.0000.2.06 years6 yearsfcayre  [actions] Provide an action to navigate to the primary view of the VersionContent once on the wiki page, [actions] Provide an action to navigate to the primary view of a VCWiki from any wiki page, [views] Make VersionContent oneline links target the related wiki page, [views] Make VCWiki's oneline view like links point to the home page of the wiki.
#3195546 drop specific role of index pages for directoriesbugnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsdlaxalde  Root index.[extension] is now the only specific index page of the wiki.
#3220109 Have a preview capability in the wikienhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsfcayre  Add preview functionality to see a modified page before commiting a new revision.
#3220106 French i18ntasknormalvalidation pending0.2000.1.06 years6 yearsfcayre  [i18n] Fill in French i18n
#3762642 Wiki content path extension messbugimportantvalidation pending0.4000.2.06 years5 yearsfcayre  Make it clear when the wiki's content file extension needs to be added., [schema] Constrain file extension minimal size. Closes #3762642.
#3734064 Online wiki page creation creates a file with no extensionbugimportantvalidation pending0.1000.2.06 years5 yearsfcayre  Fix edit controller creates files without extension when creating a wiki page.
#3797507 View wiki page history action does not appear when user has no write accessbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.06 years5 yearsfcayre  [actions] See wiki page history action does not require write access.
#3763204 Crash when previewing a new contentbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.06 years5 yearsfcayre  [preview] Avoid a crash when previewing a page which has no content yet.
#3767610 CSS is not present in the page previewbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.06 years5 yearsfcayre  Add cube css file to the stylesheets' list.
#3606719 Missing dependency to docutilsbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.06 years5 yearsfcayre  [packaging] Add docutils >= 0.8.1 as a dependency
#3529530 selection of edit_page views/forms should always check repository permissionsbugnormalvalidation pending0.5000.2.06 years5 yearsdlaxalde  Check for write permission on the repository upon selection of edition views/forms/actions
#3733000 Make wiki content fulltext searchableenhancementimportantvalidation pending1.0000.2.06 years5 yearsfcayre  [schema, entities] Fulltext index VersionContent that represent vcwiki pages.
#3529518 add a form and a ccplugin to setup a wikienhancementimportantvalidation pending0.5000.2.06 years5 yearsdlaxalde  Add a command plugin to ease VCWiki creation
#3763176 Improve the message displayed when computed diff is emptyenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.2.06 years5 yearsfcayre  [history] Improve the message displayed when the diff between to revisions is empty.
#3775304 Use hglib instead of mercurialenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.2000.2.06 years5 yearsvpopescu  Use hglib instead of mercurial (closes #3775304)
#3780316 Limit the size of vcwiki namesenhancementminorvalidation pending0.1000.2.06 years5 yearsfcayre  [schema] Limit wiki name size to 128 characters.
#4788106 port to vcsfile 2tasknormalvalidation pending0.5000.3.05 years5 yearsjcristau  Port to vcsfile 2.0
#8001520 Normal users cannot modify pagesbugnormalvalidation pending0.5000.4.14 years3 yearsfcayre  Fix crash when normal users edit a vcwiki page