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#5355923 Unknow mimetype: application/xml; charset=UTF-8bugnormalopen 6 years6 yearsrmeradi   
#4667244 Some validationError lead to internal errorbugnormalopen 6 years6 yearscdevienne   
#5399564 Content-Type header in 204 No content responsebugnormalopen 6 years6 yearsrmeradi   
#5355925 Wrong response content-type for application/xmlbugnormalopen 6 years6 yearsrmeradi   
#4846397 Allow to fetch only some attributesbugnormalin-progress 6 years6 yearscdevienne  Remove the 'keyonly' feature. Rely only on 'fetch'.
#5292808 when GETing an entity that does not exist, we should obtain an empty json listbugnormalvalidation pending0.2000.2.16 years6 yearsacampeas  Returns proper content with entity-related 404 errors, Return None when GETting a non-existing entity
#5292898 Running tests with py.testbugnormalvalidation pending0.2.16 years6 yearscdevienne  [tests] Don't import CubicWebTC directly
#6718871 Skip the orm to optimise the RQL queries countbugnormalvalidation pending0.3.06 years6 yearscdevienne  [tests] Fully tests loader, [tests] Put loading utilities in a separate module, Ignore attributes in fetchtree, get_entities: Fix empty entities lists, Avoid crash for relation with 'Any' targets, Fix empty array relations, Use attr_by_name instead of directly getattr to walk down the fetch tree, Handle '*' in a fetch path, Force load of unary relations that are not fetchable inline, Allow specific ws types to exploit fetchtree, Use load_entities to implement crud methods, load_entities: handles typed relations, load_entities: handle polymorphic and reverse relations, load_entities: now correctly loads all nested relations, load_entities: Handle unary relations with no target, load_entities: Restructurate to handle nested '?.' and '?.' relations, load_entities: skips the orm to load wstypes from database
#5292780 [tests] don't use the file cube for testsenhancementnormaldone 6 years6 yearsacampeas  [tests] avoid a dependency on the `file` cube
#5662553 Crash if an entity type does not existbugnormaldone0.2.26 years6 yearscdevienne  Don't crash if a rtype does not exist, Avoid a crash if an entity type does not exist