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#3259713 symmetric relations: drop broken read-sql hack in favor of hooksbugimportantresolved1.0000.0007 years19 months  [rql2sql] remove special behaviour of symmetric relation vs DISTINCT, [migration/3.18] add sanity checks before changing symmetric relations, [migration/3.18] disable all hooks when setting up symmetric relations, symmetric relations: replace bogus rql2sql translation by a hook
#3154531 [widgets] inout widget is broken with jquery 1.10bugimportantresolved1.0000.0007 years19 months  [js/widgets] fix the InOut widget with modern jQuery versions, [js] add a selector string escaping function
#2514939 unique together constraint may silently truncate index namesbugimportantresolved2.0000.0008 years19 months  [schema] fix unique together index handling
#3259684 [rql2sql] bad sql generated with symmetric relation chainingbugimportantresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months  [rql2sql] fix bad sql generation with EXISTS + symmetric relation
#3344579 Facet should not remove limitbugnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months  [web/facet] do NOT drop offset/limit of the base rql (closes #3344579), [web/facet] do NOT drop offset/limit of the base rql (closes #3344579)
#3063930 autoform should allow to override permissions checkbugnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months  [autoform] Allow overridding of permissions checks
#2996547 [cwctl] schema-diff looks bogusbugnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years19 months  [serverctl] complete the schema-diff command with options that will fix & enhance it.
#2847207 failure to handle multiple files from the web clientbugnormalresolved0.5000.0008 years19 months  [etwist] fix handling of multiple files per field (closes #2847207)
#2797575 implicit rollback on error while dropping UniqueTogether constraintbugnormalresolved0.5000.0008 years19 months  Backout changeset 73469aa94afe (closes #2797575)
#2741963 uicfg: the set_fields_order helper does only impose an order on formsbugnormalresolved0.3000.0008 years19 months  [uicfg] give a set_fields_order method to the primary view display control
#3373620 allow to give STMP MAIL FROM addressbugnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years19 months  [mail] allow to specify SMTP's MAIL FROM address to config.sendmails(). Closes #3373620
#3420672 deprecated class in gallery photo tutorialbugnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years19 months  replace PropagateSubjectRelationHook, PropagateSubjectRelationAddHook, PropagateSubjectRelationDelHook
#3098215 StatusResponse has been deprecated a while ago but is still used by cubicwebbugnormalresolved0.2000.0007 years19 months  [web] stop using deprecated StatusResponse. Closes #3098215
#3276389 fix i18n headers in skeleton cubebugnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years19 months  [skeleton] change i18n headers to make emacs po-mode happy (closes #3276389)
#3376322 req.base_url(secure=True) is broken if no https-url is defined in configbugnormalresolved0.2000.0007 years19 months  [req] Return base-url in case https-url is None in base_url()
#2919310 Drop support for Web only instanceenhancementimportantresolved1.0000.0007 years19 months  remove "twisted" configuration (closes #2919310)
#2936496 drop ldapuser sourceenhancementimportantresolved0.2500.0007 years19 months  [sources] drop support for ldapuser source (closes #2936496)
#2414591 [schema] default values handlingenhancementnormalresolved5.0000.0008 years19 months  Improve default value storage
#3171980 bases for instrumentalizing / debugging standard propagation schema/hooksenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years19 months  [devtools] bases for instrumenting / debugging standard propagation hooks, [dev tools] closes #3171980: bases for instrumentalizing / debugging standard propagation schema/hooks, [devtools] closes #3171980: bases for instrumentalizing / debugging standard propagation hooks
#3179560 allow to compare entitiesenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months  [entity] give a default reasonnable __eq__ and __hash__ to Entity
#3381435 [css] drop shadow.gif & use a couple of rulesenhancementnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years19 months  [css] drop shadow.gif & use a couple of rules (closes #3381435)
#3352314 Proposal: New method years5 years  [rset] New method:
#3361290 Add a RequestSessionBase.find() functionenhancementnormalresolved0.0007 years5 years  [req] New method: RequestSessionBase.find().
#2965518 attribute permissions: have an 'add' permission distinct from 'update'enhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years19 months security[hooks/security] provide attribute "add" permission, [hooks/security] silence yams warning (Related to #2965518)
#2167873 ease static data/ directory handlingenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0009 years19 months migration, optimisation[webctl] Generate static data directory on upgrade (closes #2167873)
#2932033 [security] consider operation checking only in securityafterupdateentity hookenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months hooks, security[doc/book/security] update description of entity update (Related to #2932033), [hooks/security] Defer entity permission checks
#3210365 url /<etype>/<eid> should work if <eid> is a subtype of <etype>enhancementnormalresolved0.2000.0007 years19 months  [entity/url pulishing] fetch_rqlst should use 'is_instance_of' instead of 'is'
#2919299 deprecate old multi-sourceenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months  [pyrorql] deprecate pyrorql source (closes #2919299), [server] deprecate the old multi-source system
#2786674 Upgrade bundled jquery to 1.10enhancementnormalresolved2.0000.0008 years19 months  [web/data] WIP upgrade to jQuery 1.8.3 (closes #2786674) WIP, update jquery to 1.10 (closes #2786674), [js] noop is undefined in plain javascript (related to #2786674)
#3381426 [css] replace roundCorners hacks by proper css rulesenhancementnormalresolved0.2000.0007 years19 months  [css] replace old rounded corners hack by css rules
#3252856 rql-table ReST directiveenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months  Implement a rql-table reST directive
#3013720 let on_fire_transition match a list of transitionsenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months  [predicates] allow multiple transition names in on_fire_transition (closes #3013720)
#2782004 remove pre-3.10 bw compatenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0008 years19 months  remove cw 3.9 bw compat (bw compat other than the interface -> adapter changes), Rename cleanup_interface_sobjects into cleanup_unused_appobjects, [js] remove 3.9 bw compat (where apparently unused), remove 3.9 bw compat, remove 3.8 bw compat
#3376252 use https url on notification when possibleenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months notification, vote_dlaxalde[notification] Use https url when available in notification view context
#2920304 [security] add a security debugging toolenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years19 months debug, security[querier/security] instrument a bit the querier read security checks, [schema,server] add a security debugging aid (closes #2920304)
#3093362 remove action "Got Rhythm"enhancementnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years19 months  [web] remove action "Got Rhythm" (closes #3093362), [web] remove action "Got Rhythm" (closes #3093362)
#3400448 workflow and schema images disappear on first useenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years19 months  [views/workflow/tmppng] fix console crash on nth call to this one-shot view, [views/dot] use an inlined svg for schema and workflow graphs
#2920251 drop pre-3.9 compatenhancementnormalresolved0.0000.0007 years19 months   
#3274672 provide a "modal" main templateenhancementnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years19 months  [views/templates] provide a modal main template (closes #3274672)
#3005509 [wsgi] have the simplest wsgi server possibleenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years19 months  [wsgi] also provide an example using werkzeug (if available), wsgi: add a simple server wsgi with all-in-one capability
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