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#3604001 bad interpretation of LIMIT in UNION querybugimportantresolved0.2500.0007 years18 months   
#3463112 [schema] fix composite deletion handlingbugimportantresolved0.1000.0007 years18 months  [schema] add composite handling helpers on EntitySchema (related to #3463112), [schema] fix composite deletion handling
#3590335 broken jquery-json pluginbugnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years18 months  [web/data] Remove broken jquery-json plugin (closes #3590335)
#3670208 when some source using unknown source type is encountered, can't even start a shellbugnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years18 months  [sources] Skip problematic sources when starting shell instead of crashing. Closes #3670208
#3406930 formfields.CompoundField does not handle multipart properlybugnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years18 months  [web/formfields] Make CompoundField inherit needs_multipart from its subfields
#3554996 Unable to get the POST request content because of the wsgi serverbugnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years6 years  [wsgi] make sure request.content is available for consumption
#3003425 cancellation of entity creation displays a wrong 'entity created' messagebugnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years18 months  [request] Make sure set_message() actually displays its given message (closes #3003425)
#3738011 Candidates related method on Entitybugnormalresolved0.2000.0007 years18 months vote_fcayre[entity] add a new `cw_linkable_rql` method
#3119950 crash in EtypeRestrictionComponentbugnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years18 months  [ui component] fix potential crash in ETypeRestrictionComponent. Closes #3119950
#3728904 Remove useless 'ui-cube' configuration optionbugnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years18 months  [cwconfig] Remove useless 'ui-cube' configuration option (closes #3728904)
#3712982 buggy eschema.composite_rdef_rolesbugnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years18 months  [schema] fix buggy composite_rdef_roles and associated test
#3486114 declaration of meta/system entity and relation types in schema.py is incompletebugnormalresolved0.2000.0007 years18 months  Add missing relation types items in schema global variables
#3648809 cubicweb returns 401 status instead of 403 for Unauthorized exceptionbugnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years18 months  [web/test] add a test for some http response codes, [web] return 403 for Unauthorized, not 401
#3524182 race condition in ConcatFilesHandlerbugminorresolved0.2500.0007 years18 months  [web/staticcontrollers] create a unique temporary file for concat handling
#3278573 Error in Union in RQLbugminorresolved1.0000.0007 years18 months   
#3567793 [ajax controller] deprecate "user callback" impl.enhancementimportantresolved0.1000.0007 years18 months  [web/request] clearly mark that these are deprecated, [js/ajax] deprecate user-callback support, EditRelationMixIn: stop using user_rql_callback, [view] Delete dead(?) code from ReloadableMixIn, [web/request] deprecate user_callback, [doc] undocument user_callback
#2901093 Drop hijack_userenhancementimportantresolved0.2500.0007 years18 months  Drop hijack user (#closes #2901093)
#2491768 Add support for Cross Origin Resource Sharingenhancementimportantresolved1.0000.0008 years18 months vote_nchauvat[web] implement cross origin resource sharing (CORS) (closes #2491768), [web] implement cross origin resource sharing (CORS) (closes #2491768), [web] implement cross origin resource sharing (CORS) (closes #2491768)
#2503918 Rework Repository Access APIenhancementimportantresolved30.0000.0008 years18 months connection, session[repository] add an ``internal_cnx`` method to replace ``internal_session``, [server/session] add a login property, [testlib] move repo and related attribute back on Instance instead of Class, [cwuser] make CWUser callable, returning self for dbapi compatibility, [client-connect] drop rqlst on rset returned client side, [client-connection] add a repo property for dbapi compatibility, [client-connection] add a connection property for dbapi compatibility, [client-connection] add a sessionid property for dbapi compatibility, [client-connection] add a cursor() method for dbapi compatibility, [client-connection] add a request() method for dbapi compatibility, [repoapi] introduce a basic ClientConnection class, [server/session] allow access to session id using sessionid, [dbapi] move ProgrammingError into cubicweb module, [server/session] Implement anonymous_session, [repoapi] move get_repository function into a new repoapi module, [webrequest] simplify set_session code, [webrequest] use a DBAPISession without, [request] drop the user argument for set_session, [web-request] handle default language earlier, rename server.session.transaction into server.session.connection, [application] call req.set_session in application.main_handle_request, [session-handler] use session directly to update last usage, [application/connect] simplify connection logic, [transaction] move security control logic on Transaction, [transaction] move hook control logic on Transaction, [transaction] reinstall tx.data as tx.transaction_data, [transaction] give access to is_internal_session boolean
#2919300 Drop all old multi-source optionenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years18 months  [multi-sources-removal] Drop entities.source column, [multi-sources-removal] Drop no more used federated ('true') multi-sources related code, [multi-sources-removal] Turn ConnectionsSet into simpler ConnectionWrapper, [multi-sources-removal] Drop cnxset_freed from source interface, [multi-sources-removal] Simplify ConnectionsSet internal structures and public methods, [multi-sources-removal] Drop foreid argument of repo.get_option_value, [multi-sources-removal] Kill repo.sources, [multi-sources-removal] Drop no more necessary scleanup (source cleanup) argument, [multi-sources-removal] drop source location search on glob_*[entity|relation] methods, [multi-sources-removal] Drop (dont_)cross relation related code, [multi-sources-removal] Simplify repo.delete_info_multi arguments, uri is no more used, [multi-sources-removal] Drop deleted_entities system table and entities.mtime column, [multi-sources-removal] drop repository entities_modified_since public api, [multi-sources-removal] Drop the "true" multi-sources planner, [multi-sources-removal] Move cw.server.sources.ConnectionWrapper where it belongs, [multi-sources-removal] Drop cw.server.sources.extlite, [multi-sources-removal] Drop pyrorql and zmqrql sources
#2852512 create a RangeRQLPathFacetenhancementnormalresolved3.0000.0008 years18 months  [facet] create a RangeRQLPathFacet (closes #2852512)
#3515223 [editcontroller] Remove 3.13 incomplete backward compatenhancementnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years18 months  Drop 3.13 incomplete backward compat in edit controller.
#2912807 clarification of various persistent dataenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years18 months session[transaction] reinstall tx.data as tx.transaction_data
#2944813 drop unused reset_schema and reset_vreg config on CubicwebTestcaseenhancementnormalresolved0.2500.0007 years18 months  remove vreg argument to CWPublisher, [devtools] vreg becomes a class ppty, [devtools] drop unused `reset_schema` and `reset_vreg` class attribute
#3553549 ldapfeed: clarify errors associated to anonymous OpenLDAP bindingsenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years18 months  [ldapparser, book] document additional error causes
#2920299 Rework Test APIenhancementnormalresolved3.0000.0007 years18 months  [testlib] introduce a RepoAccess class to easily create connection and request
#2951066 remove async argument to call serviceenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years18 months  remove "async" flag from call_service (closes #2951066)
#2901079 drop ``from_controller`` from object other that WebRequestenhancementnormalresolved0.2500.0007 years18 months cleanup[req] drop from_controller on non WebRequest object (Closes #2901079)
#3404831 [c-c schema] add option to restrict digram to one etype and its neighboursenhancementnormalresolved0.2000.0007 years18 months  [c-c schema] option to show single etype (closes #3404831)
#2807739 transform call_service into a simple synchronous in-process (still appobject based) Repository extension mecanismenhancementnormalresolved0.4000.0008 years18 months   
#3526594 [source/native] give create_eid the ability to reserve many eids at onceenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years18 months  [source/native] allow many eid creation per .create_eid call (closes #3526594), [pkg] bump the dependency on logilab.database, [source/native] refactor eid generation code
#3489631 automatic testing with postgresqlenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0007 years18 months  [devtools] make PostgresTestDataBaseHandler start its own postgresql
#2951067 use the call_services API to retrieve repo statsenhancementnormalresolved0.2500.0007 years18 months  [repo] move repo stats to Service
#3181499 [req] deprecate CWCache machineryenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0007 years18 months  [req] deprecate get_cache (closes #3181499)
#2951068 use the call_services API to retrieve repo gc_statsenhancementnormalresolved0.2500.0007 years18 months  [repo] move repo gc_stats to Service
#2953943 change the implementation of anonymous_session and anonymous_connectionenhancementnormalresolved0.2500.0007 years18 months  [server/session] Implement anonymous_session, [dbapi] makes anonymous_connection are computed property
#3119951 deprecate basecomponent.ETypeRestrictionComponentenhancementnormalresolved0.1000.0007 years18 months  [web/basecomponents] remove EtypeRestrictionComponent
#3381521 improve notification view to not have wildly separate code pathsenhancementnormalresolved2.0000.0007 years18 months  [req] if a user has a None property, fall back to the default, [server] Allow setting an InternalManager's preferred language, [notification] use an InternalManager object for notifications if we have an (email, lang) tuple
#3638793 update documentation for new repo access apitaskimportantresolved2.0000.0007 years18 months  [book] Update documentation for new repoapi
#3564510 changed error message for sqlite unique constraint violationstasknormalresolved0.5000.0007 years18 months  [server] Handle unique constraint violations under recent sqlite, [server] On constraint violation handling, clean the trailing _idx in index names., [server] Handle unique constraint violations under recent sqlite