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#3843440 [primary view] fix uicfg initialitationbugnormalrejected0.0000.0006 years6 years  [views/primary] move rsection and display_ctrl initialisation to __init__
#3267833 move dataimport to a cubeenhancementnormalrejected0.0000.0007 years5 years vote_acampeas, vote_jcristau 
#3007664 request-scoped sessionsenhancementnormalrejected0.0000.0007 years6 years   
#3544430 [cache] introduce a cache API and some implementationsenhancementnormalrejected0.0000.0007 years6 years cache, session[cache] introduce the simplest possible cache api, [web] rename user -> login, [cache] introduce dogpile cache for some standard cache implementations, [cache] replace plain python dict with in-memory session cache
#5491700 source-sync fail with 'Connection' object has no attribute 'close'bugimportantresolved0.0005 years5 years  [serverctl] fix source-sync command
#2154655 cw.web.http_cache.GMTOFFSET is erroneousbugimportantresolved0.5000.0009 years16 months cache, http[debian] Add a Breaks for cubicweb-folder which stills use GMTOFFSET, [web] kill GMTOFFSET (closes #2154655), [web/request] don't play tricks with utc offset
#5503548 rql2sql fails to translate a querybugimportantresolved0.0005 years16 months  [rql2sql] Fix iter_exists_sols() excessive cleaning of _state.tables
#4875761 Make req.search_state lazy loadedbugnormalresolved0.0006 years16 months  [web/request] Restore attribute setting for search_state, [webrequest] Lazy-load search_state
#5576169 some devtools test fail when launched with "pytest -t"bugnormalresolved0.5000.0005 years16 months  [test] Fix unittest_i18n to run properly with "pytest -t" (closes #5576169)
#5359131 Workflow.replace_state is brokenbugnormalresolved0.0005 years16 months  [wf] Fix Workflow.replace_state()
#3892565 PostgresApptestConfiguration works only when alonebugnormalresolved0.0006 years16 months   
#5278743 dataimport's COPY FROM support strips whitespace from stringsbugnormalresolved0.5000.0005 years16 months  [dataimport] Properly escape strings sent to COPY FROM (closes #5278743)
#2517580 incorrect BASE_URL in clone_deps.pybugnormalresolved0.0008 years16 months  delete unmaintained clone_deps script
#4832808 Restructure the documentationbugnormalresolved0.0006 years16 months  [doc] small rst fixes and cleanups in changelog files, [doc] make the changelog chapter a one html page, [doc] reformat changes files headers, [doc] remove mentions of pyro and reposity instance type, [doc] put the tutorials between the intro and the `Repository development` toc of the book, [doc] move the documentations from docstring directly to the book., [doc] more fixes of warnings/errors in doc build, [doc] fix warnings/errors in doc build, [doc] Start documenting the API, [doc] Remove useless indexes, [doc] Insert the dev docs in the toc, [doc] Restructure the documentation, [doc] Restructure the documentation, [doc] Start documenting the API, [doc] Remove useless indexes, [doc] Insert the dev docs in the toc
#4925396 newcube should produce PEP8-compliant codebugnormalresolved0.0006 years16 months  [newcube] Make the generated code PEP-8 compliant
#4962712 entity update notification should not always use the same message idbugnormalresolved1.0000.0006 years16 months  [notifications] use non-fixed message-id for EntityUpdatedNotificationView
#5533285 Serve JS tests over httpbugnormalresolved1.0000.0005 years16 months  [devtools] Serve JS tests over HTTP
#4985752 cwuri attribute should have a unique indexbugnormalresolved0.1000.0006 years16 months  [schema] add a unique index on cwuri. Closes #4985752
#5213487 js: remove broken SuggestForm widgetbugnormalresolved0.1000.0005 years16 months  [js] removed unused and broken SuggestForm Widget (closes #5213487)
#5193687 [web] kill https-deny-anonymous optionbugnormalresolved0.0005 years16 months  [web] kill https-deny-anonymous option (closes #5193687)
#5355952 Make ajax calls respect REST architecturebugnormalresolved0.0005 years16 months  [js] Using appropriate http method when calling a remote function to respect REST principles.
#5204550 [web] Add datadir-url configuration optionbugnormalresolved0.0005 years16 months  [doc] mention datadir-url configuration option in release notes, [web] add test for datadir-url option (related to #5204550), [web] Add datadir-url configuration option (closes #5204550)
#5168939 remove test dependency on folder cubebugnormalresolved0.5000.0005 years16 months  [server/test] Drop dependency on folder cube, [web/test] Drop folder cube dependency
#5533303 Fix JS testsbugnormalresolved1.0000.0005 years16 months  [web/test] Fix remaining JS tests, [web/test] Stop testing that exceptions raised in Deferred callbacks call errback, [web/test] stop calling loadxhtml with a form.callback, [web/test] Fix reset of loaded JS/CSS files, [web/test] Use proper JSON syntax, [web/test] Update mock ajax reply from "render" ajaxfunc, [web/data] Support Deferred objects outside XHR
#3390012 The tutorial on the massive data import is not accessible via an URLbugminorresolved0.0007 years16 months   
#5456849 Allow to use cwclientlib for datafeed sourcesenhancementimportantresolved0.5000.0005 years16 months  [datafeed] allow to use cwclientlib for datafeed's queries (closes #5456849), [cwxml parser] refactor url handling code to use urlparse and urlencode (related to #5456849)
#1592461 datatimport testsenhancementimportantresolved0.0009 years16 months dataimport, datastore 
#3933480 [dbapi] drop the "dbapi"enhancementnormalresolved0.3000.0006 years16 months  [server/migractions] simplify the Migration Handler entry point, [cwctl] remove networked remote shell, [migration] remove repo_connect and use config.repository() instead, [connection] replace .running_dbapi_query with .hooks_in_progress, [repository] rename session -> cnx, [repository] remove methods of the dbapi, [testlib,tests/undo] remove the remaining bw compat for old-style tests, [session] remove session-related bw compat code, [session/transaction] removed unused transaction class, [transactions] cleanup after the dbapi removal, [migractions] remove any session related leftovers, [connection] provide some missing documentation bits, [repoapi,session] remove all session-as-cnx backward compat, [dbapi] retire repository transaction methods which were used by the dbapi, [dbapi] retire repo.call_service which was used by the dbapi, [dbapi] retire repo.commit/rollback which was used by the dbapi, [dbapi] retire repo.user_info which was used by the dbapi, [dbapi] retire repo.entity_metas which was used by the dbapi, [devtools/testlib] remove dbapi backward-compat, [dbapi] retire repo.execute, which was used by the dbapi, [dbapi] remove the dbapi module and its immediate remaining users, [datafeed sources] finish the session -> cnx switch
#5533333 Update QUnit to 1.18.0enhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0005 years16 months  [devtools] qunit: show helpful data when an assertion fails, [web/test] Use shorter $() instead of jQuery(), [devtools] qunit: use new async testing APIs, [devtools] qunit: use new assert APIs, [devtools] qunit: stop using global variables, [devtools] qunit: update to 1.18.0, [devtools] qunit: stop using deprecated assert functions, [devtools] qunit: remove useless window.close(), [devtools] qunit: refactor functions into QUnitView, [web/test] Always call QUnit.ok with a message, [devtools] qunit: only start firefox once per test, [devtools] qunit: decrease test timeout, [devtools] qunit: increase resolution and depth of Xvfb screen
#5456750 skip spa2rql when fyzz is not availableenhancementnormalresolved0.1000.0005 years16 months  [test] Skip spa2rql tests when fyzz is not available
#5414753 [dataimport] backport ExtEntity[Importer] from skosenhancementnormalresolved0.0005 years16 months dataimport[dataimport] dispatch and deprecate old code, [doc] Add a tutorial and extend documentation for ExtEntityImporter, [dataimport] introduce the importer and extentity classes, [test] Add a "functional" test for dataimport.importer using a CSV data source
#5154406 move constraint checking to the backendenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0005 years16 months  [migration] add sql constraints on upgrade, [schema2sql] support NOW and TODAY in check constraints, [schema] neuter check method for constraints we implement in sql, add IUserFriendlyError adapter for violation of check constraints, [hooks/syncschema] drop/add check constraints as appropriate, [schema2sql] insert some constraints into the backend
#5049201 make default to Falseenhancementnormalresolved0.1000.0005 years16 months  [schemas] make default to False (closes #5049201)
#4959402 make tests pass under python -Renhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0006 years16 months  [utils] use the "predictable" argument to js_dumps, [server/test] don't rely on a sorted output from .object_relations(), [req] make rebuild_url predictable, [web/test] don't depend on iteration order on a set, [test] Don't depend on dict iteration ordering, [hooks/syncschema] use a list instead of a set for UpdateFTIndexOp, [rqlrewrite] sort possible types when turning is_instance_of into is, [web/views] Use predictable ordering for attributes in entity xml view, [web/views] set explicit order for ManageSourcesAction, [web/test] don't depend on dict iteration ordering, [sobjects/test] Fix dependency on predictable hashing, [test] don't rely on a stable ordering for appobject_path
#3975260 remove user callback featureenhancementnormalresolved0.1000.0006 years16 months  [views,js] remove user_callback feature
#2919309 Drop pyro supportenhancementnormalresolved0.2000.0007 years16 months pyro[source/native] finish removing reconnection logic, [session, repository] provide repo.open_session and move .close reponsibility to session object, [connection] remove the `mode` attribute, [connection] remove ensure_cnx_set context manager uses, [remove cnxset tracking] it is now unneeded, Remove remote repository-access-through-pyro support, Remove remote repository-access-through-pyro support
#3837233 [repoapi] fold ClientConnection and Connectionenhancementnormalresolved3.0000.0006 years16 months  [entity/req] pass the _cw object to cw_instantiate, [connection] eliminate ClientConnection leftovers, [session] all cnx._session become cnx.session, [session] provide missing apis to Connection, [session/cnx] remove `session_handled` logic, [repoapi] reduce repoapi usage where possible, [entity,storage] remove hackish code from the bfss path, [repoapi] fold ClientConnection into Connection, [rset] kill the rset._rqlst cache, [repoapi] fold ClientConnection into Connection
#5557656 allow to overload a configuration parameter by an cmdline option when starting an instanceenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.0005 years16 months  [cwctl] allow to override config parameters as cmdline options when starting an instance (closes #5557656)
#4846892 use foreign keys for relationsenhancementnormalresolved1.0000.0006 years16 months  [migration/3.21] Add missing foreign keys when upgrading, Use a moved_entities table to record external entities moved to the system source, [server] change order of entities table modification vs entity creation/deletion, Ask sqlite to check foreign keys, Add reference from etype table's eid column to the entities table, Use foreign keys for relations tables, Add foreign key for inline relations, Use our version of schema2sql, Steal schema2sql module from yams, Add missing foreign keys when upgrading
#1279544 [diet] split timeline in an individual cubeenhancementnormalresolved0.2000.00010 years16 months timeline[web] split timeline in an individual cube
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