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#17243518 add a "--no-debugtoolbar" CLI option on pyramidenhancementminorrejected0.0000.00018 months17 monthsbram  
#17260390 tests cassésbugimportantresolved0.00016 months14 monthsbramreview 
#17258396 Issue with pytest discovery on cubicweb 3.27rc1 (missing dependency on mako)bugimportantresolved0.00016 months14 monthsbram  
#17261697 improve FirefoxHelper error message and loggingbugimportantresolved0.00016 months14 monthsbramreview 
#17250178 Remove unused flag DBG_MSbugnormalresolved0.00018 months14 monthsbram  
#17219741 [pyramid/debug] on every request display request path and selected controllerbugnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17219827 on migration p(db) choice, give the traceback to pdb if it's availablebugnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17229126 transactions db logs where under logging and should be behind DBG_OPS insteadbugminorresolved0.00019 months14 monthsbram  
#17253994 Allow cw-ctl commands to read instance from $CW_INSTANCEenhancementimportantresolved0.00017 months14 monthsbram  
#17256791 for all debug panels, add the possibility to directly access the source code of shown objectsenhancementimportantresolved0.00017 months14 months review 
#17219704 add in each html snippet from where it has been generated in the codeenhancementimportantresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbramreview 
#17222885 syntax highlight for SQL and RQL debug outputenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17219873 pyramid toolbar debug panel for SQL queriesenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17219564 make cw-ctl commands accept only one instanceenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17218464 update debian packagingenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 months   
#17218405 remove twisted and cw-ctl commands start/stop/etcenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 months   
#17219556 make cw-ctl commands accept only one instanceenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17219897 pyramid toolbar debug panel for a page global informations (config, rooting...)enhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17219673 add a "rql" panel in pyramid debugtoolbarenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbramreview 
#17219772 add to every failing migration operation a "p(db)" optionenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17219765 activate pyramid debugtoolbar on pyramid with a specific cli optionenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbramppepiot 
#17219659 auto create pyramid.ini on "pyramid" command start if it doesn't existenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#3378040 Add a pdb option to cubicweb-ctlenhancementnormalresolved0.0007 years14 monthsbram  
#17218445 remove cw-ctl uwsgienhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 months   
#17218429 drop python 2 supportenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 months   
#17218423 remove support for legacy cubesenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 months   
#17218393 drop deprecated codeenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 months   
#17218381 improve and fix documentationenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 months   
#17250545 Add a migration function in order to relocate bfssenhancementnormalresolved0.00018 months14 months   
#17219866 pyramid toolbar debug panel for the registryenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17232923 make pyramid command always run in foreground from now onenhancementnormalresolved0.00019 months14 months   
#17219611 backport --loglevel option of pyramid command to all instance commandsenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17219653 backport --dbglevel option of pyramid command to all instance commandsenhancementnormalresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#2556426 missing a __contains__ method on QueryCacheenhancementminorresolved0.1000.0008 years14 months   
#17219833 on migration p(db) choice, launch ipdb if it's installedenhancementminorresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17219820 on exception during a migration, display the full traceback instead of only the exceptionenhancementminorresolved0.00020 months14 monthsbram  
#17265371 test 3.27 with intra/crm/activites/freshtaskimportantresolved0.00015 months14 months   
#3899077 [book] Document ReST directivestaskimportantresolved0.3000.0006 years14 monthsalutz  
#17207456 update skeleton debian packagingtasknormalresolved0.00022 months14 months   
#17207323 mettre à jour le packaging Debiantasknormalresolved0.00022 months14 months   
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