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#2056450 Narval crashing on Pyro ? or TimeOut communication ?bugnormalopen 7 years7 yearsalutz   
#2057320 init script is too verbosebugnormalopen 7 years7 yearsalutz   
#2060967 If narval user already exists add_cube('narval') crashesbugnormalopen 7 years7 yearsalutz   
#1880756 narval process doesn't react to SIGINT/SIGTERMbugnormalopen 8 years8 yearsjcristau   
#2054504 Crash on installbugnormalopen 7 years7 yearsalutz   
#2054634 Have a narval/apycot hgrcbugnormalopen 7 years7 yearsalutz   
#3306519 Get rid of cwurienhancementnormalopen0.500 5 years5 yearsptonelli   
#2550329 allow multiple bots to run at the same timeenhancementnormalopen1.250 6 years6 yearspydavid   
#2550354 Elastic cloud-provided narval bot infrastructuretasknormalopen 6 years6 yearsddouard   
#2060065 narval-bot not installable when cubicweb is not runningbugnormalwaiting feedback 7 years7 yearsalutz apt-get, debian, narval 
#4943424 Do not show relations in Recipe's edition formenhancementnormalin-progress0.1004.3.04 years4 yearsddouard  [views] do not show relations in Recipe's edition form (closes #4943424)
#4919894 make the bot able to listen to the zmq busenhancementnormalin-progress4.3.04 years4 yearsddouard  [narvalbot] add a zmq pub listener to the narval server (closes #4919894)
#4919892 add an action to restart an executed planenhancementnormalin-progress4.3.04 years4 yearsddouard  [views] add a "restart plan" action and view (closes #4919892)
#4502839 use cwclientlib and rqlcontrollerenhancementnormalin-progress1.0004.3.04 years4 yearsddouard  [bot,views] use cwclientlib and rqlcontroller (closes #4502839), [migration] create an AuthToken for narval (related to #4502839)
#4943423 use codemirror to edit Recipesenhancementnormalin-progress0.2504.3.04 years4 yearsddouard  [views] use CodeMirror as text editor for a Recipe (closes #4943423)
#4919893 send a notification on the zmq bus on Plan creationenhancementnormalin-progress4.3.04 years4 yearsddouard  [hooks] publish a event on the zmq PUB message bus on new Plan (closes #4919893)
#2036474 uid= in conf should be in [MAIN] not in [PYRO-SERVER]bugnormalvalidation pending3.1.07 years7 yearsalutz   
#2148170 starting narvalbot shouldn't be so verbosebugnormalvalidation pending0.1003.2.07 years7 yearsjcristau   
#2133826 thread-safety issues with NarvalProcessManager._running_tasksbugnormalvalidation pending0.5003.2.07 years7 yearsjcristau   
#2059613 Try to get "manually launched" testenhancementimportantvalidation pending3.0003.2.07 years7 yearsalutz   
#2037574 botstatus view should display which project or name of test environnementenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.2003.2.07 years7 yearsalutz   
#2164849 missing granted_permission rdefbugnormalvalidation pending0.1003.2.17 years7 yearsjcristau   
#3553844 Fix requests usage instead of urrlib2 throughout the cubebugimportantvalidation pending1.0004.0.05 years5 yearsvpopescu  [bot] catch requests.HTTPError, not urllib2.HTTPError (closes #3553844), [bot] handle newer python-requests (related to #3553844)
#2553183 broken init script reload actionbugnormalvalidation pending0.2004.0.06 years5 yearsjcristau  [packaging] drop the 'reload' action from the init script
#3557079 The FireTransition view cannot be applied on anything else but plansbugnormalvalidation pending1.0004.0.05 years5 yearsvpopescu  [narval] do not use Plan in fire transition (closes #3557079)
#3553237 use file objects to store resultsenhancementnormalvalidation pending2.0004.0.05 years5 yearsvpopescu  [views] FileUploadController: use the given filename (closes #3553237), [migration] ask confirmation before creating File entities for every 'execution_log' attribute (related to #3553237), [views] decode text using format (stored in file) before displaying it (related to #3553237)., [bot] modify http_post method to transmit files (related to #3553237)
#2508156 upgrade to API of CW 3.15enhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5004.0.06 years5 yearsnchauvat   
#3247537 poll delay should be configurableenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.2504.0.05 years5 yearsddouard  [bot] make poll delay configurable (closes #3247537)
#2859952 Pygmentize script in recipe primary viewenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1004.0.06 years5 yearsptonelli  [views] pygmentize script in recipe primary view (closes #2859952)
#3553211 Narval should use new recipe formatenhancementnormalvalidation pending10.0004.0.05 years5 yearsvpopescu  [doc] write some documentation (related to #3553211, #2059933), [migration] set unset script recipes to a constant noop (related to #3553211)
#3553531 Improve logs displayenhancementnormalvalidation pending1.0004.0.05 years5 yearsvpopescu  [logformat] Insert newline when unfolding traceback (closes #3553531), [view] make a bit more robust (related to #3553531), [views] use <div> instead of <pre> when formatting logs (related to #3553531), [views] split log_to_html and add severities parameter to facilitate code reuse (related to #3553531)
#3687136 integrate signed requestenhancementnormalvalidation pending1.0004.0.05 years5 yearsptonelli  [bot] use signedrequest in narvalbot (closes #3687136)
#2059933 [doc] installation documentationenhancementnormalvalidation pending2.0004.0.07 years5 yearsalutz  [doc] Add narval user documentation (closes #2059933), [doc] write some documentation (related to #3553211, #2059933), [doc] Update narval user documentation (closes #2059933)
#2821260 replace pyro with http for communication between bot and cwtasknormalvalidation pending20.0004.0.06 years5 yearsjcristau  json export control for Recipe, no need to enable pyro-server anymore, no more pyro proxy, [views] allow setting entity attributes and creating sub-entities, REST interface for the narval bot
#3259432 Store the execution_log in a Filetasknormalvalidation pending5.0004.0.05 years5 yearsddouard  [all] use file entity to store logs instead of string (closes #3259432)
#2557342 drop Plan.argument and merge it with Plan.optionstasknormalvalidation pending0.5004.0.06 years5 yearsddouard  drop Plan.arguments in favor of Plan.options
#2557391 use a WF to manage execution_statustasknormalvalidation pending1.0004.0.06 years5 yearsddouard  replace Plan.execution_status with a workflow (closes #2557391)
#3259234 place narval's checkers & co in /usr/share/narvaltasknormalvalidation pending1.0004.0.05 years5 yearsddouard  [debian] put checker in /usr/share/narval and various packaging updates and fixes (closes #3259234)
#3687133 get migration to work correctlytasknormalvalidation pending1.0004.0.05 years5 yearsnchauvat  [migration] convert all starttimes / endtimes to transitions (closes #3687133)
#2557341 Remove the custom interpretertasknormalvalidation pending2.0004.0.06 years5 yearsddouard  add migration script for narval 4, narval v4: recipe is now a python script; no more actions
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