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#10670261 split setup of apache config from this formulabugnormalopen1.000 4 years4 yearsalutz   
#5714468 Improve the selection of debian sourcesenhancementnormalopen1.000 4 years4 yearsalutz   
#10670250 split setup of postgresql config from this formulaenhancementnormalopen1.000 4 years4 yearsalutz   
#5414880 Allow deployement with a cube from hg instead of the packageenhancementnormalopen 5 years5 yearsalutz   
#5434774 Using ini state module so we should check for salt version >= 2014.7enhancementnormalopen0.500 4 years4 yearsalutz   
#16457175 Support for teststasknormalopen 3 years3 yearsalutz   
#16457173 Support for centostasknormalopen 3 years3 yearsalutz   
#16457017 follow the template-formula by saltstacktasknormalopen 3 years3 yearsalutz   
#6531190 split setup of logilab's repositories from this formulatasknormalopen0.500 4 years4 yearsdlaxalde   
#7450074 monitoring scripts should be included in the formulaenhancementnormalopen0.5000.1.04 years4 yearsalutz   
#5437936 Manage pg_hba.conf file for confbugnormalin-progress 4 years4 yearsalutz   
#5341017 make the formula CentOS-friendlyenhancementnormalin-progress2.0000.1.05 years5 yearsadimascio  pinning and signing key are debian-only
#7450090 docker file as example and easy way to test the formulaenhancementnormalin-progress1.0000.1.04 years4 yearsalutz  [docker] start postgre service before applying cubicweb.instances state, [docker] add a Dockerfile
#5437903 make optional cw_basecubes installationbugnormaldone0.1000.1.04 years5 monthsksaurfelt  [debian] make optional cw_basecubes installation (closes #5437903)
#5438073 add an option in pillar to make the postgres user a superuserbugnormaldone0.1000.1.04 years5 monthsksaurfelt  [postgres] add an option in pillar to make the postgres user a superuser (closes #5438073)
#5437946 activate cubicweb db-init instruction in pillarbugnormaldone0.2000.1.04 years5 monthsksaurfelt  [cubciweb] activate cubicweb db-create instruction in pillar
#5438104 Add more parameters for salt.states.postgres_databaseenhancementnormaldone0.1000.1.04 years5 monthsksaurfelt  [postgres] add `lc_collate` and `lc_ctype` (closes #5438104)
#5434794 allow to specify the postgresql version in pillarsenhancementnormaldone0.1000.1.04 years5 monthsksaurfelt  [postgres] the postgresql version is now configurable in pillar
#5434795 allow to specify debian repositry in pillarsenhancementnormaldone0.1000.1.04 years5 monthsksaurfelt  [debian] allow the configuration of debian pkg repos in pillars (closes #5434795)
#5341014 add anonymous login / password options in the pillarenhancementnormaldone0.2500.1.05 years4 yearsadimascio  anonymous credentials can be specified in the pillar (closes #5341014)
#5341013 allow unspecified config variables in pillarsenhancementnormaldone0.2500.1.05 years4 yearsadimascio  allow unspecified config variables in pillars (closes #5341013)