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#f22be300dee1 [rql] Introduces the new security model for RQL statementsdefault
#8f7ab3004b8f [database/exception] include the query information in database error for better debugingdefault
#0d5b9482f40d Better peformance for EmailAddress permissionsdefault
#c1992b98a992 [views] Make JsonMixIn.wdata method usable with non-web connectionsdefault
#3a70e0c51c64 [migration/fix] the asource column might still be prevent at this pointdefault
#6007d9c0a933 [pyramid/misc] remove now useless warning about missing pyramid.inidefault
#3fc5a08db936 [WIP] try to wrap database error into a custom exceptiondefault
#c0d0c6474318 ci: force test3.27
#6f3f65423c3b [pyramid] add a simple pyramid configuration to create static views for assets from cubesdefault
#c5cb00dbdaa6 [testlib/fix] erronus combination of bytes and strdefault
#ef0787d6b03b fix(py3): we still have some unicode() arrounddefault
#549dcb8ad7ec [misc] add function for deleting entities faster (not released)default
#8a161b520b25 refactor: remove useless folderdefault
#0669e8661439 [rqlrewrite/schema] Avoid parsing computed relations for each query3.24
#bce3a2f4bc69 [PROTOTYPE] display all created/called view/form during a requestdefault
#25611c5925a9 [debug_toolbar] add a uicfg content paneldefault
#03b8919de73d [WIP] [massive store] allow stores not to drop constraintsdefault
#760efef45de6 [server/migractions] simplify the Migration Handler entry pointdefault
#008e08732ff1 [rql2sql/test] add test for wrong transformationdefault
#d799daab4c9f WIP try to handle constraint violations involving more than one columndefault
#1ff4fd41b2a5 [debug] add DBG_TRANSACTIONS flag and hide transactions debug by defaultdefault
#d0192478371c Silent yams warning (first rdef selection from an ambiguous rtype)default
#9229a6e0d714 [web] only set "Vary: Accept-Language" when we translate somethingdefault
#02128bd76295 Very minor improvements of cubicweb/server/repository.pydefault
#caa6a76fcc94 fix(urlpublisher): raise a 404 when a URL rewrite with rql has no rsetdefault
#914524af2d82 wip db-check rql constraintsdefault
#aee403cf2552 [migractions] don't commit in the middle of drop_cubedefault
#5d8d32c539f8 [test] add failing rql2sql testdefault
#849d0f8ae106 Run tests in parallel accross multiple processesdefault
#0b7a5355e47c Closing branch 3.243.24
#4ed547bd583f [server] replace utils.QueryCache with cachetools.LFUCachedefault
#10f2772dfc88 [entities] Harden `TrInfo` for empty/null relations3.26
#cc0ed3bb4c56 fix error cases when internationalizable is not defined on rdef3.26
#b9e72b97a0e3 fix: yams API only accept str/Definition name now (this is retrocompatible)default
#260a0abe2b47 WIPdefault
#3ed2f6fb4f37 [mod] yams monkey patching has been backported to yams itselfdefault
#9bb88a50047d [tox] Use pytest-random-orderdefault
#55a1fdbd8fba [restapi] Support content negotiation for SPARQL resultsdefault
#c7843c3449f4 WIP [web] add Link HTTP headers if alternate representations availabledefault
#244e4e12e585 WIP add functions and tools to export RDF dumpsdefault
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