cubicweb #1061603 GROUPBY in HAVING clause [resolved]

HAVING clause requires the GROUPBY statement and it should not


DISTINCT Any G,H ORDERBY H LIMIT 601 WHERE X is WorkCase, X title A, U may_read X, U in_charge_of X, U eid 4162, X os_date B, G searched_name H, F for_workcase X, F with_company G, F type "client" HAVING YEAR(B) = "2010"

  • variable G should be grouped
  • variable H should be grouped
done in3.8.5
load left0.000
closed by#8ff48d1a319f [rql2sql] when using HAVING to by-pass rql limitation (not to filter on result of an aggregat function), we should emit SQL that doesn't use HAVING to avoid potential backend error because variables are not grouped. Closes #1061603.