cubicweb #10673348 may get a KeyError on constraints that imply several attributes [validation pending]

starting from 3.22, most constraints are implemented in the db. For instance in a client application I've a constraint telling that some attribute should be greater than another (let's say start and end).

The problem is that when the constraint fails because end has been set to a value greater than start, it grabs the constraint associated with start and then attempts to give the yams API the value for start found in cw_edited, which raises a KeyError.

Properly fixing this will require API rework. It the mean time a simple cwedited.get could probably do the trick.

done in3.22.1
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closed by#df1f2d853d40 quick fix which closes #0673348 - see comment for more info
patchWIP try to handle constraint violations involving more than one column [in-progress]