cubicweb #1105433 cubicweb.schema.display_name calls lower() ??? [resolved]

I have some carefully crafted PO files with translations for my attribute names and relations, but these get garbled becase cw.schema.display_name calls ".lower()" on my translations. This is bad because case information is important, and gets lost in the process.

Example of annoying cases:

  • the label includes an acronym
  • the label includes a unit (the prefix for Mega is M, the prefix for milli is m, confusion and amusement ensues)
  • some abbreviations such as m for min vs. M for Max get lost

I would fix this straight away, but I'm not sure of the impact on other application, so I'll wait for comments.

done in3.14.0
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closed by#b7c825b00f64 [schema display] display_name shouldn't call .lower(). Note the only proper way is to have different msgid for upper/lower cases. Closes #1105433