cubicweb #1112786 Pyro 4.x support [deprecated]

This ticket is to keep a trace, imo, we should not rush things.

Irmen de Jong has rewritten Pyro, and this is the 4.x branch. The most important changes compared to Pyro 3.x are:

  • total rewrite, API similar but not backward compatible
  • simpler & faster & better
  • some features have been removed for the sake of the above
  • Python 3.x compatible! (separate download for now)
  • requires Python 2.5+, works with jython and ironpython (recent versions)
  • large amount of unit tests
  • many rewritten examples
  • no manual yet, but the ideas are similar to Pyro 3.x, so look there for now

This will need work when Debian/Ubuntu replace Pyro 3 with Pyro 4.

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