cubicweb #11298794 gen-static-datadir file permission issues [validation pending]

When gen-static-datadir is run on upgrades, we end up with:

  • files in /var/lib/cubicweb/instances/$instance/data/ that are not world readable
  • root-owned files/directories in /var/lib/cubicweb/instances/$instance/uicache

These need manual cleanup so the web server can serve static files, and so an unprivileged user can write its own stuff to the uicache directory when the instance is running.

done in3.22.4
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closed by#828483a88825 [webctl] set uid of file produced by gen-static-datadir (closes #11298794)
patch[webctl] set uid of file produced by gen-static-datadir (closes #11298794) [applied][webconfig] ensure uicache content has correct uid (related to #11298794) [applied][cwconfig] add the CubicWebConfiguration.ensure_uid_directory() method (related to #11298794) [applied][cwconfig] extract uid file setting code from check_writeable_uid_directory (related to #11298794) [applied]