cubicweb-forge #1216651 enhance Project primary view with helpers for release managers and developers [open]

[Large ticket, to be split in smaller tickets if necessary]

The Primary view of a project does not display some useful information which are completely lost unless you track the notification emails.

As release manager, client or developper, I need to see what is "hot" on the project:

  • a list of tickets which have seen recent activity (newly created tickets, new comments, recent edition of some properties). By default in the last week, but being able to adjust the timeframe would be useful.
  • a list of tickets in released version which have been reopened (no time limit on this, as this is critical information and action must be taken)
  • a list of all tickets in all versions (including closed tickets of released versions)

As client, I also need to see

  • which tickets are waiting for feedback
  • which versions have tickets pending validation
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