cubicweb #1251192 problem with rangefacet [resolved]

I get a resultset. facets are displayed. one facet is about a numeric attribute. some items in the resultset have a null/empty value for this attribute.

Clicking on any facet (no need to click on the facet for the numeric attribute) will change the resultset to exclude all the items that have empty value for that attribute.

Moreover, if the facet says "1 to 4", you set it to 2, then reset it to 1... the items with an empty value do not reappear.

One solution may be to activate/deactivate facets or to put a red X a the top right when the facet is active: clicking on that X would reset/deactivate the facet.

done in3.12.2
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closed by#9220ae2cacf1 [facet] ignore range extremas to avoid filtering out rows where value is NULL (closes #1251192)