cubicweb #12666598 Cannot edit TZDateTime form field [validation pending]

Create an entity with a TZDateTime attribute. Then edit it and change this value. You get:

2016-05-04 14:12:33 - (cubicweb.web) ERROR: unexpected error while validating form
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/fcayre/grshells/nemo/cubicweb/cubicweb/web/views/", line 207, in _validate_form
  File "/home/fcayre/grshells/nemo/cubicweb/cubicweb/web/views/", line 135, in publish
  File "/home/fcayre/grshells/nemo/cubicweb/cubicweb/web/views/", line 201, in _default_publish
    eid = self.edit_entity(formparams)
  File "/home/fcayre/grshells/nemo/cubicweb/cubicweb/web/views/", line 270, in edit_entity
    for field in form.iter_modified_fields(editedfields, entity):
  File "/home/fcayre/grshells/nemo/cubicweb/cubicweb/web/views/", line 270, in iter_modified_fields
    if field.has_been_modified(self):
  File "/home/fcayre/grshells/nemo/cubicweb/cubicweb/web/", line 438, in has_been_modified
    if field._has_been_modified(form):
  File "/home/fcayre/grshells/nemo/cubicweb/cubicweb/web/", line 468, in _has_been_modified
    if previous_value == new_value:
TypeError: can't compare offset-naive and offset-aware datetimes
done in3.23.0
load left0.000
closed by#1694e6e9ff94 [forms] Fix edition of TZDatetime attributes
patch[forms] Fix edition of TZDatetime attributes [applied]