cubicweb #1382452 incorrect results with multi-source [resolved]

As both anonymous user and authenticated user, on the forge, I search for:

DISTINCT Any DEP WHERE DEP is Project, P name "cubicweb-foo", P uses DEP, DEP name LIKE "cubicweb%"

and cubicweb returns:

logilab-database utilities for database manipulation
logilab-common a bunch of modules providing low level functionnalities shared among some python projects devel
logilab-astng Python Abstract Syntax Tree New Generation
pylint analyzes Python source code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality.
logilab-devtools set of development tools used at Logilab
ZLogilab A set of installer utilities, an index for tree-like structures.

which is obviously incorrect : I should get an empty resultset since cubicweb-foo doesn't exist. I get even stranger results with:

DISTINCT Any DEP,V WHERE DEP is Project, P name "cubicweb-intranet", P uses DEP, DEP name LIKE "cubicweb%", V version_of DEP

It looks like when the querier splits the query for each targeted source, some restrictions are simply dropped.

done in3.10.7
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