cubicweb #1382720 migration helper when adding a workflow to an entity [resolved]

In the current version of CW, using the add_workflow migration helper and sync_schema_props_perms is not enough to add a workflow to an entity which was not workflowable in the previous version of a cube: you need at least to manually add the in_state, custom_workflow and wf_info_for relation definitions (cf. make_workflowable in cubicweb.schema)

I think these two relations should be added automatically by one of the two actions above (preferably add_workflow, imo)

done in3.10.7
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closed by#d0d7345581d4 [migration]?add_workflow now ensure the entity type is actually workflowable, and a new make_workflowable migration function is available to make an entity type workflowable (closes #1382720)