TheCubicWebBook #1396092 Installation/Database section enhancements [open]

Suggestion by Dr Leo on the list:

2. 1.1.5: Windows installation: There is a tools section explaining
how to install mercurial. This is not good here as Mercurial makes
perfect sense on all OS's. So move it out of the Windows section. I
would suggest to regroup the whole thing a bit starting with a general
section on what you must have:

- dependencies including a database, maybe sqlite etc..,
- the sources (however you get them)

and the nice-to-have's:

- mercurial
- eclipse.

The windows section then comes down to a link collection to Windows
installers. Well, feel free to regard the above as bullshit, but it
makes sense to me right now.

3. On databases: the section on sqlite is not self-explanatory. Can I
suggest to add a general subsection on databases that explains when
and how to select the database?

4. Which dependencies? Under 1.1.3 the docs refer to some appendices
(mind the plural!). Well, I haven't seen them as it appears the
dependencies are well explained in the chapter. If there are really
appendices, a hyperlink would seem in order under 1.1.3.

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