cubicweb-forge #1399287 Change the standard validation process of the tickets [resolved]

Today, when a ticket is implemented, its state is changed for validation pending. Then, the client checks if everything is all right and can change the state to done or open.

The problem is that when a client re-opens a ticket because of something that doesn't suit him, we have to evaluate again the load of the ticket (adding more men.days) and we loose information on the previous evaluation. If a ticket is re-opened several times, it quickly becomes very hard to understand the history of this ticket.

I suggest to have the following behaviour:

  1. the ticket is in state validation pending
  2. the client change the state to not validated
  3. a new ticket (bug) is automatically created with a link towards the initial ticket: follow_up
  4. the client enters information in this new ticket on what should be changed
done in1.7.0
load left0.000
closed by#be931dbcd9a7 [closes #1399287] improve the ticket validation process