cubicweb #14023058 fold pyramid-cubicweb into cubicweb [validation pending]

Maintaining pyramid-cubicweb independently of cubicweb becomes quite difficult (future versions of pyramid-cubicweb would not work with old cubicweb). Pyramid is becoming the main way to run a cubicweb application in WSGI mode in many cases so we should provide this with the base installation.

done in3.24.0
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closed by#faf279e33298 Merge with pyramid-cubicweb
patch[config] Ignore cubicweb-pyramid in available_cubes() [applied][config] Exclude "pyramid" cube when initializing application cubes [applied][migration] Drop cubicweb-pyramid CWProperty in 3.24.0 migration [applied][repository] Ignore pyramid cube when loading cubes from database [rejected][config] Ignore 'cubicweb-pyramid' if found in cube's dependency [rejected]WIP: Copy cubicweb-pyramid's into CubicWeb [applied]