cubicweb #1568336 enhance logging for cubes [open]

it is very unclear how cubes are using the logging. Several classes inherit logging methods from parent classes, which makes it difficult to follow in the logs. When a custom logger is used, it is often called 'cubicweb.<cubename>' which is not very elegant but is the shortest path to something which ends up at the same place as the rest of CW's log. I'd rather have 'cubes.<cubename>'.

Possible solutions:

  • configure the root logger at startup, rather than the 'cubicweb' logger, which means we will also get logs from other modules (incl threading, but also maybe stuff in logilab.common, logilab-database, yams, rql...)
  • configure a 'cubes' logger in addition to the 'cubicweb' logger

Developpers should be encouraged to use 'cubes.<cubename>' to log messages in their cubes.

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