cubicweb-seda #15969603 integration improvements [open]

Following the release of the integration of the SEDA cube into the referentiel project, various design and data constraints should be improved :

  • regular proxy error on profil export :
  • diagnostic : on profile #323132 it states that an archival unit of first level should be associated to a communicability list to make the profil exportable in SEDA v1 but while following the link to this archival unit it is not possible to define a communicability rule
  • gestion : on the profil level it should be possible to specify a DUA and a communicability value but it indicates " an error occured while handling your request"
  • keywords : on the archival unit level it is possible to add a keyword. The UX is a bit confusing because it seems to be possible to specify a keyword and to link it to a reference from a controlled vocabulary. For me an option should be offered to specify on type or the other
  • content : on the various fields available on the section it states non-authoriezd until a value or a cardinality is specified. This is confusing
  • content : producer field : only individual contacts are available on the dropdow select box when it should only popose organization units with the deposit or producer role
  • content : content language field : english labels are displayed instead of french ones
  • data-object : it is nowhere possible to specify the format nor the encoding constraints that where available before. If they should be declared on the archival unit level then those fields should have been made available
  • archival unit : while creating an isolated archival unit it is not possible to specify a digest algorithm "XXX FIXME"
  • performance issue : creation of archival units are rather slow and proxy errors occur while importing existing archival units (timeout on
  • profil seda : upon creation it is possible to specify an deposit agent and an archival agent. The values available on those dropdow boxes should be filtered in order to make only available in one field the agents with the role deposit and on the other one only those with the archival role. Also while it is possible to specify values upon creation it is not possible to modifiy them afterwards
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