cubicweb #16363176 cubicweb-ctl db-restore always tries to createdb [open]

There is missing a --no-createdb in db-restore for use with --no-drop

The use case is where one has a non superuser in postgresql and the database has already been created. The command line asks for a password even if PGPASSWORD or a .pgpass is used, which is confusing for the user.

$ cubicweb-ctl db-restore --no-drop example example.tgz
createdb -T template0 -E utf8 --host=host --port=5433 --username=example example
createdb: database creation failed: ERROR:  permission denied to create database
 [Failed] Continue anyway? [y/N/a(bort)/s(hell)]:

Hitting Continue anyway restores the db correctly.

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