cubicweb-trackervcs #1655112 automate linking a patch to a ticket [resolved]

If a patch has a commit message saying 'closes #nnnnn', then vcreview must be able to automatically link the patch to the mentionned ticket.

The current version is painful because I cannot submit a patch and link it to a ticket straight away: I have to wait until vcreview has seen and imported the patch, which makes things clumsy, and often I forget to add the link.

done in0.6.0
load left0.000
closed by#fc74e4d2fa94 make it working with vcsfile but without vcreview, and backport former project's source code tab. Closes #1655112 and #1806903, #2e454b0f163c Automatically attach a patch to the tickets mentioned in the commit message (closes #1655112)