cubicweb #17219556 make cw-ctl commands accept only one instance [resolved]

The rationals behind this decision are:

  • while in the past managing all instances sytem wide made a lot of sens, pratices have evolved today and we've moved to managing one instance by one

  • this makes things easier to debug since commands since using them on several instances were making this harder (errors hidden in the middle)

  • also solve the problem of the return code to have, before it was always 0 which prevented to do things like:

    ipython --pdb $(which cubicweb-ctl) $command $instance

    ReST / HTML errors:System Message: WARNING/2 (&lt;string&gt; , line 7)</p>

    Definition list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.

    or shell scripts that used it

  • this simplify the code and is always good to take

done in3.27.0
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