cubicweb #17256791 for all debug panels, add the possibility to directly access the source code of shown objects [resolved]

(everything is already ready, the patches needs to rebased)

This is a bit meta to all debug panels, this will allow to put links next to every class/objects/method etc... to able to directly access the corresponding source code. This will greatly improve the usefulness of the debug panels.

done in3.27.0
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closed by#3cbcbaead477 [debug-toolbar] link to source code of all objects/classes, #38f22b8b4459 [debug-toolbar/display_source_code] add a function to add links to source file in traceback, #3a38f779bed5 [debug-toolbar/display_source_code/security] add security mechanism to only read whitelisted files, #a2b8c201727f [debug-toolbar/display_source_code] add helper to render link to source file, #70597b447fb7 [debug-toolbar/display_source_code] add a pyramid view that display syntax highlighted python source file, #a61e0fe17a69 [debug/fix] ensure that not syntax highlighted code is a string