cubicweb #17277267 Postgresql12 problem with plpython [done]

I tried to use postgresql12 with CW3.27 and python3 but there is a non blocking error on instance creation and it transforms to blocking error when testing.


Postgresql12, CW3.27 (should be the same with CW3.28), python3 and a new instance to create.

What append

During the installation, there was this error:

Create language plpythonu ? [Y/n]:

-> ERROR: ERREUR:  n'a pas pu accéder au fichier « $libdir/plpython2 » : Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type

-> could not create language plpythonu, some stored procedures might be unusable

I think there might be some hidden dependencies, but grep plpython on cubicweb and logilab-database did not result in something useful.

done in3.28.0
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